East coast transplant going on three years in California. It feels more like home every day while Jersey feels like a place to visit from time to time.

Moved here for acting and writing, so I like to write about my experiences involving those things. But mostly I just like to write honestly about my life. It’s therapeutic.

I guess my hope is to connect with you guys and be relatable in some way. If I can make you feel less alone, or less crazy, then… well, I was going to say, I’ve succeeded, but really, it just makes me feel less alone and less crazy.

So thanks for reading!


Lindsay, Lynn, Linds, Stets, L-Stet, Harry, Pete

One thought on “About

  1. Lindsay, You are cracking me up with your blog. You’ve inspired me to write again. I’ve always been a writer of sorts though admit to putting down the pen after a bad breakup 4 years ago and after the dramatics in my family hit an all time crest. Suddenly there was so much more to right about that surpassed my broken heart, I never knew where to start. The other night at 2am I wrote, by memory, the words of a poem I’d always loved by Edna St Vincent Millay. Not my own work, but it’s a start. I can’t believe I still remember the words. Keep journaling. Jennifer

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