Best YouTube Ab Workouts

Stephen and I are in wedding preparation mode, so besides healthy eating and minimal drinking, we’re also working out a lot. In addition to our separate gym-going, we do an ab workout together every day. We alternate finding a video on YouTube, trying to find different variations to keep things interesting. The video times range from eight minutes to 15 minutes (usually on the shorter side).

It’s incredible that we’ve been doing this for three months and every time I search “abs” or “ab workout” on YouTube, different videos pop up that I’ve never seen before – even if they’re not new or recent. There are so many to choose from.

I have now found my favorite videos and instructors. If you’re so inclined to do some ab workouts on your own, below is a list of my favorites:

Lots of instructors mention the importance of tucking the hips under and pressing your lower back into the ground to protect it. I learned all about tucking the hips under in barre classes, but Stephen never really heard the phrase before. This girl, Maddie, explains it better than anyone else. Her videos and workouts are great because they’re challenging but doable, and not only does she keep a timer in the corner of the screen, it also beeps when it’s counting down from 3, so you always know exactly how long you have left in an exercise.

Fitness Blender workouts are very clear and easy to follow. They are no frills, no music, no personality; but good ab workouts.

QuickFunAbs – The video and sound quality is not very good, but I like this British guy and his socks. And at the end of his routine, someone off-screen throws him a water bottle. It makes me laugh every time:

There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a chick working out with her hair down. Not only does Pamela look too pretty while she’s working out, she NEVER smiles. On top of that, her ab workouts are so hard and she never stops moving. It’s insane. So while I can’t stand her and I call her names every single time I do one of her ab workouts, mad respect.

Blogilates: Cassey Ho is a sweetheart. She’s got a great personality and explains the moves really well. Her workouts are hard and the video quality is really good. She’s got so many videos. Below are three of my favorites, but you can check out her YouTube channel here for a whole slew of them.

Rebecca Louise: is the best!!! Rebecca Louise is absolutely adorable and I love her workouts. Sometimes, Stephen and I struggle to get through them because we laugh too much. She’s sweet and encouraging and rarely stops talking. #IcanfeeltheburnRebecca!

Rebecca Louise’s YouTube channel


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