The Pacemaker App

When trying to create a workout, the most important thing to me is the playlist. I want it so badly to be so perfect. I want the beat to drop exactly when we change moves and/or exactly when the exercise gets harder. I want to see people’s faces light up when they hear the song and I want them to forget how hard they’re working because they’re having so much fun.

Is this possible?

In order for me lead an awesome workout, I can’t be thinking about the music. I need it to already be in place. That said, Spotify will just not do. It does now have a great feature of cross-fading songs for up to 12 seconds, but I never want to play an entire song in my workout. A whole song is way too long. People will get bored. Boredom is not an option.

Sure, I could just hit “Next” whenever I need to, but I am already trying to keep up with which exercises I’m doing, and how long I’m doing them, and how I need to explain them clearly. Also, I don’t like the abruptness of hitting “Next.” I want one song to flow into the next. I want people to hear when the song changes and be like, “Oh damn, did you hear how that just faded into the next song? That was FUCKING AWESOME.”

Maybe this is too much to want. But I have felt this before in a workout. It IS possible.

But how?

On one of our last nights in Charlotte before we move to Wilmington, Stephen and I go to dinner with one of his Orange Theory instructor’s, Zach, and his girlfriend. Stephen seriously loves this guy. I can tell that he’s an amazing instructor by his personality. He’s super positive, encouraging, and again, there’s something contagious about his energy. I come to the dinner with questions about how he figures out music for his workouts. It is then that I learn about the app, Pacemaker.

Pacemaker is a DJ app that costs $35.99 a year. I would like to say that it’s awesome and I love it, but in reality, I wanted to throw my phone across the room many times while trying to utilize this stupid app.

Here’s my back-and-forth with it:

It’s awesome because you can cut the song wherever you want; it sucks because you HAVE to start the song from the beginning. Sometimes the beginning of the song is just not what you want!

Awesome because you control how to fade and how long to fade; it sucks because you sometimes have to just try cutting it and see how it works – it doesn’t let you go to a specific time to cut it… you just have to click the button when you reach the point you want to cut and you have no idea how it’s going to sound when it fades. It’s incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it takes forever to get it exactly where you need it.

Awesome because you can download all your music through Spotify; sucks because you can’t download your playlist, so the only way to play it is through the app, which means you need to be connected to Wi-fi (I later find out that this is only with T-Mobile, which naturally, is what I have). Also sucks because every time you make an edit, you need to not only save it, but “Publish” it. I learn this the hard way. I think it’s saved, but because I don’t “Publish” it, I lose everything. Like, two hours worth of editing music together.

I am so sure that there is an easier way to use this app. I always, always, always have the tendency to do everything the long way. If you tell me it’s shorter to do it another way, I don’t care. Even if you tell me it’s easier (probably because it’s shorter), I don’t care. I will probably tell you that the long way is the way for me because I understand it. In this case, I wish someone would tell me the easy way.

All that said, I FINALLY put together a playlist for my workout. I’m using my bachelorette party as a run-through before the wedding, but who am I going to do it for as a run-through before my bachelorette party??

Stephennnnn! I need you!!

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