The Proposal


Sunday, May 13, 2018

I am an engaged woman! So weird! I mean it’s not weird and it is. I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s all very exciting. It happens Friday evening when Mom and Dad are visiting. Before we even leave the apartment, Stephen says that he wants to get a picture with me tonight because we’re dressed up and we never take pictures together. Which is true, we don’t, and we recently had a conversation about it, so it’s a totally normal thing to hear.

As we’re pulling up to the restaurant and can see Frank and Joan waiting for us outside, Stephen says again, “Before we go inside, I want to get a picture.” Of course, I ‘ve already forgotten about the picture, so it’s a good thing he says something. We get out of the Uber, and all the hugs and hellos are exchanged – our parents haven’t seen each other since their first meeting one year ago.

OK, now let’s get this picture. My Dad is clearly ready to be IN the picture and Stephen (very nicely) tells him he wants a picture with me first. Dad makes a Dad comment and says, “It’s all about you, Steve,” and gets out of the way. Steve hands his phone to his Mom to take the picture. We’re standing in front of a fountain, right outside the restaurant. Frank and my parents are fairly close to us. Joan announces that this isn’t a good angle, so we move further down to the other side of the fountain, away from the restaurant. Fortunately, Frank and my parents don’t follow.

Joan says, “This is perfect. Much better,” and we pose. I’m standing there smiling like an idiot when out of the corner of my eye, I see Steve getting down on one knee. My immediate response is, “What are you doing?” but as it’s coming out of my mouth, I know. Even though I know, I still can’t believe it’s happening. I turn away for a second, in embarrassment or shyness or disbelief or whatever you want to call it, but I come right back to him because he’s on his knee and we’ve got to be in this together.

I know he’s nervous. I feel a buzz around my head. I’m trying to be present and be with him, but part of me is screaming, “I wasn’t expecting this right now! I can’t believe this is happening right now!” I can feel his Mom taking pictures of us, I can feel Frank and my parents watching us, I can feel the employees at the restaurant watching us, and I can feel the patrons dining on the patio watching us. Everyone surrounding me is a buzzing haze on this hot evening, and Stephen is on his knee telling me things.

Focus, Lindsay. I hear the word love. I hear him tell me I’m patient and kind, and that ever since we met in Mexico it’s been magical. I feel like he’s down on his knee forever, and then he asks, “Will you marry me?” I honestly can’t say yes fast enough. I need him in my arms and kissing me. We’re both laughing and crying from the nerves and the joy of it all. There’s some clapping. I kiss him as much as I can before he takes the ring out of the box to put it on my finger. He tries, but he can’t get it all the way on so he tells me to do it. It takes a couple wiggles and then – there it is, a green sapphire shining on my finger.

We hug and kiss again and then the celebration begins. I told him I didn’t want anyone to be around when we got engaged, but now that he’s done it and our parents are here, I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m on such a high – my adrenaline is through the roof. I feel so happy I can’t stop smiling, but it also feels like I’ve had one too many cups of coffee and now I’ve got the jitters.

parents - engagement
Top: Joan, Dad, Frank; Bottom: Stephen, me, Mom

As soon as we all sit down and have drinks in our hands, Stephen makes a toast. He’s so genuine and heartfelt – it means a lot to him to share in this moment with all our parents – that he gets choked up during his toast. Maybe because both our Moms are crying, too. It’s the sweetest thing. My mind is racing – I have to call everyone. Frank jumps right in with, “OK, so let’s start planning the wedding.” It’s funny, but in my head, I’m thinking the same thing. I’m more and more happy that Stephen did this with our parents because if they weren’t here, as soon as he proposed, we would’ve been calling them. This way, I’m forced to be present, to be here, to enjoy this wonderful dinner with wonderful wine and even more wonderful company. I try to just enjoy being engaged. This is so exciting.

Later on into the dinner, Mom and I step away to call my sisters. Then, on the Uber drive home, we make some more calls. When we get back to the apartment and say goodnight to Mom and Dad, I am completely exhausted but still buzzing with a sort of giddiness. Stephen and I are getting married.


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