M&M batch

I love Christmas. For some reason I always think back to my first Christmas in California, when the intense cookie-baking began. I don’t mean to brag (yes I do), but I have perfected my cookies. They’re delicious. I bring a very small container of them into the office (of my place of work in Downtown Long Beach) where Clare and Bianca (two of my bosses) are sitting at their desks. There’s something about homemade treats that people just can’t deny. They each take a cookie and it’s comical how on the first bite, their eyes bug out. Bianca is mid-bite when she says, “Oh my God. These are so good.” I laugh as I walk out of the office to clock in. When I walk back in, Clare is very serious with me. “Take these out of here right now.” She hands me the remaining cookies. They’ve clearly each had a second.

The next time I bring in cookies, I hit up the three hostesses as soon as I enter the restaurant. They dig in. On my walk back to the server station, I pass Devonte. He works security and is quite possibly the funniest person I’ve ever met (besides Kelly). He happily accepts a cookie and walks off, commenting on how good it is.

Back at the server station, Has (pronounced like the avocado, short for Hashim, also a manager) is the first person I see. Would you like a cookie? “Sure, I’ll take a cookie.” He takes a bite. “This is a good cookie.” I look to my left as Sam and Tiffanee tear around the corner (servers/co-workers… A LOT of people work at this bar. I’ve been here since August and still haven’t figured out everyone’s names). “You have cookies??” Everyone seems to be converging back here now. Garrett (a bartender and self-named Scrooge) does not appreciate my Christmas spirit. One night when I was leaving and I said goodnight to him. His response? “I hope you get hit by a sleigh.”

Last night I wore my festive Christmas suspenders to works. Tonight I have on plain black. Garrett walks up behind me. “No Christmas tonight?” I turn to face him as I turn the power button “on” on my light-up Christmas necklace. It has the exact reaction I was hoping for. Garrett shakes his head in disgusted disbelief. “Oh my God.” Now everyone can see my AWESOME Christmas necklace lighting up. And I am so happy that I bought it earlier today at the hardware store.

I was standing in the checkout line with my baking sheet for purchase (I only had one and really, if I want to bake two batches of cookies in two hours, I absolutely need a second one to be efficient). I can’t stop staring at the little display of Christmas light necklaces, conveniently located right next to the cash register. Ohh, I want one of those. No, Lindsay, you don’t need that. Oh, but it will look so cute with my uniform at work! No, you don’t have money. You don’t need a stupid necklace. But it’s just a cheap little necklace! …. This goes on and on until the lady behind me reaches past me and grabs one. As her hand reaches the display, my willpower crumbles and I mimic her. Yea, I was trying not to get one but who am I kidding? She agrees. “I mean, they’re kind of horrible but I feel like I need them.” It’s so true. Best purchase ever.

I ask Garrett if he wants a cookie. He does. He bites in, surprised that it actually tastes good (such a dick). Merry Christmas! “No.” And he walks away (such a Grinch). I’ve made it my mission to change him by December 25th.

There’s only two cookies left. Bianca walks back to talk to me about a party I have tonight. She gasps when she spots the Tupperware. “You brought cookies?!” She takes one happily, eating it as she explains what’s going on tonight, but she has to stop herself. “Oh my God. I’m sorry, they’re so good.” Tiffanee is cracking me up as she cherishes every morsel. It takes her like five minutes to eat one cookie. “I didn’t need it to be warm, I didn’t need milk… it was just perfect.”

I love making people happy with cookies! And I love being a Christmas elf. I’m going to have to bring a bigger container next time!

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