The American President

I did not vote.

Yea, I know.

It’s not like I’m proud of it. I feel shame, and guilt, and I know that plenty of people are disappointed in me. (I can FEEL their disappointment even still, right now…as they’re reading this). I could list the multiple reasons (aka excuses) for not casting my vote. But there’s no point in apologizing, or regretting something I did not do.

Just like there is no point in wallowing in our sadness/anger/confusion that Donald Trump has been named the President of the United States of America.

So, moving on.

But how do I move on?

I would like to say, for myself, that I am finding an incredible, truly positive outlook to this seemingly terrifying outcome. For the first time in my life, I not only feel like I can do something for my country, but that I absolutely have to do something for my country.

I’ve always been turned off by politics. Another way of saying, I’ve been ignorant to it. And part of me always felt like, ‘They’ have it under control. They, meaning, … I guess the people in charge. I always felt like there were always, at least, SOME people, doing the right thing for our country. And I needn’t interfere or worry or take part in any of it. That was all above me and out of my control and I’d rather just stay in my bubble.

Again, yea, I know. That sounds dumb.

My point is, never before have I paid so close attention to the news and the speeches and the articles to see what exactly is going to happen next in our country. And more importantly, what can I do?

I can get involved. With LGBT, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, anything to do with kids in school, the list goes on.

Volunteering is not hard. It’s just not convenient. And in this moment I am itching to do SOMETHING to keep our country moving forward and not backward. I have never been more inspired to help and volunteer, not just because volunteering feels good, but because I want so badly to contribute in any kind of way.

Finally and mostly, the way we can all help, is love. Be kinder to the people we meet on the street, because we are all in this together. And as long as we can focus on that, there will be a bright tomorrow.

My absolute favorite reaction to Trump’s win thus far, comes from my girl Leslie Knope:

2 thoughts on “The American President

  1. I did vote, as I have every four years since I have been eligible. Not bragging, just hard for me to understand the absolute hysterics of those whose candidate lost in a free election carried out properly under the constitution which provides the foundation for our freedom based republic. You may want to note that in the last two elections the other half of the electorate was deeply upset regarding the direction that the country was turning. This was not because they were racists, homophobes, sexists or whatever other label was or is still in use. No, they were upset because the institutions that have made this country great and strong: free market capitalism, strong national defense, a health care system that attracted the best medical personnel, as well as people from all countries seeking them out, was being pulled out from under their feet. Add in the loss of good paying industrial jobs because of onerous gov’t regulations driving the manufacturing companies to seek workers in foreign countries just to survive, and maybe you can understand that hate is really not the central issue reagarding the outcome of this election, but rather fear, alarm, and a desperate attempt to preserve our nation as a force for good in world. It has always been this. Has it been perfect? Of course not. But prosperity, inclusion, and the general overall health of a nation’s people, ALL of its people, has never been better served in the history of the world in any other country. I believe that the “Balkanization”of the country, dividing group against group in the last 40 years or so, has done more to create hate in this country as anything that is being attributed to the president elect Hate has always been a two way street. It seems to me to be coming from one direction more than the other in these times. Having said all this, I still find this site to be unique and interesting. I still admire you for all your efforts in personal and proffesional endeavors. I will continue to come here to update myself regarding any such future endeavors. As always Good Luck.

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