October Sky

It’s that time again. The October Challenge of Writers Group, in which we are challenged to right a complete first draft of a screenplay in one month. Technically, it’s October and November. We start October 1st and go all the way to November 23rd, the Monday before Thanksgiving, but we still call it the October Challenge.

We give ourselves until the 23rd because once Thanksgiving hits, everyone gets distracted by the holidays (Christmas!!!). There are parties and events and a lack of motivation as a whole to simply WRITE, so this way, we accomplish something great right before the holidays hit, and hopefully, that will propel us into the new year.

I have decided to write the most difficult thing I have ever written. Most difficult because it requires the most research. It’s actually comical to think that I can finish this thing in the allotted time. Nevertheless, I will try.

What is my idea? Well, see, I actually haven’t completely figured that out yet. I’m hoping that my research will inspire something in my story. And this is the most fun research EVER. My protagonist is a 25-year-old obsessed Harry Potter fan, so, I am attempting to re-read all seven books and re-watch all eight movies. Then of course there’s the endless Harry Potter fan sites online. So, once I finish all that, then I have to write a full-length feature.


Clearly, I will have to start writing as I conduct my research. As of now, I have read and taken notes on Book One: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I think the three and a half pages of notes will become invaluable. Things I have been taking notes on: characters, wizard vocabulary, spells and enchantments, places, memorable quotes/lines, and from the first book, wizard currency, and the rules of Quidditch.

Here is my original logline (which will change as I figure out exactly what my movie is): A 25-year-old obsessed Harry Potter fan uses her precious vacation time to visit Universal’s Harry Potter Theme Park in the hopes of finding real magic. My theme: Magic is real.

Because it is. I have a title, too, that I think is SO GOOD. So good that someone might steal it (insert eye roll here), so I will not share it at this time.

Right at this moment I should be either reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, or coming up with my story. Alas, I instead procrastinate by writing about what I’m supposed to be writing.

If I were to gaze into the Mirror of Erised right now, I’m sure I would see me holding a final draft of my very own Harry Potter movie and smiling ear-to-ear.

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