13 Going on 30

Last year I turned 30 and it was very easily the best birthday of my life. It then proceeded to be a great year. I lived on my own (sort of) in Giuditta’s garage, I booked roles in two plays, one of which I was a lead, I got to be single and “date” for the first time since I was 21, I wrote a second feature that I am now on my third draft of, I leased a brand new car, and I met some amazing people that I now consider some of my closest friends (I really can’t believe that I have only known Nina, Jackie, Natascia, AB, and Dana for less than a year). And of course I met Brian, who I have quickly fallen in love with. (Oh and let’s not forget, I did 100 days of lip sync. Boom.)

All in all, I’d say 30 was pretty fucking great.

Here’s my take-away from life at 30:

  1. If you want to be better you have to surround yourself with people who will make you better.
  2. Saying yes is usually more fun than saying no.
  3. Dating is really not fun at all, but it’s still fun to have crushes.
  4. Throwing out most of your “things” because you’re moving to a smaller space and have nowhere to put them is probably for the best.
  5. Call your friends and family more often.
  6. Hangovers are never cool.
  7. Always be on. You never know who you’re going to meet.
  8. You should probably be aware of your total debt to the world and have some kind of plan to pay it off.
  9. Don’t compromise your life goals to make someone else happy.
  10. Not having a TV is a good thing.

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