So I did it. 100 days of lip sync.

Which means what? Nothing, really. Am I glad I did it? Uh, yea, I can say for the rest of my life that I did 100 consecutive days of lip sync videos. That is fucking cool. Also, I stuck with this silly thing that I set out to do and I finished it. There’s nothing like sticking with something until the very end and seeing it through. It’s an accomplishment.

Making videos every single day and constantly watching myself really helped me see how subtle I can be and have it still come across on the screen. Meaning. for acting on camera, that less is more. I already knew this, but now I know how it feels. Every time I tried too hard, it didn’t work. The more natural and comfortable I was, the better it looked.

Time management. I had to make time every single day for this. And most days, it wasn’t a quick half hour thing. Sure, I already knew a lot of the songs, but even if I did, getting all the little noises and nuances right was a real bitch. A real challenging bitch that I loved. Then I had to make the video, then upload the video and the song into iMovie to edit the thing. Which only meant taking out the sound from the original video and putting the song over top. Chris (from Writers Group) showed me how to do that on Day 15, when he let me use his 5D to make the Hakuna Matata video. Then I had to export it, upload it to youtube, then put the link on Facebook. (Uploading usually took forever and was super annoying.) I’d say I spent anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours a day on lip sync.

One day Brian said something about planning a trip or going away for a few days. He immediately caught himself and said, “Oh, but we have to wait for you to be done with lip sync.”

That’s insane.

Yes, some days it felt like lip sync had really taken over my life. And not in a good way. In a way that made me feel like I was an idiot and should have never decided to make this stupid thing a priority. But I committed to this thing. I said I was going to do it, so I had to do it.

Even on one of the very worst days of the 100 days, when I did Bombs Over Baghdad, Outkast and was close to tears, I had fun. I was so stressed out, and frustrated, and pissed at myself for not being able to get it, but my God, when I did get it? Best feeling. And definitely my best lip sync of the entire thing (besides Love is an Open Door, but B.O.B. was definitely the most difficult).



The most fun days were when other people were involved. Anna Rose was not exactly ecstatic to do the Hakuna Matata video, but as soon as she agreed to it, I wouldn’t let her off the hook. Afterwards, she admitted to not really wanting to do it, but that she had so much fun and was glad she did. I mean even when it was over, we kept going….




Even if people were just in the background it was fun. Nina made her first appearance on Day 48: Stronger, Kanye West. I told her no, you are not allowed to come over. I told her that if you come over, I’m locking you out. Well, that bitch came over anyway, and hung out in the background, and naturally, people loved it.

One of the most entertaining videos is hands down Day 68: This is How We Do It, Montell Jordan. My friend Angel dances in the background the whole time and chimes in at the chorus. I call him my friend now…. we literally had just met that day. It was the end of a long day on set. I was doing craft services for Jaime’s short film, and Angel was one of the lead actors. We all congregated back at the producer’s house, and I still hadn’t done my lip sync. Told Angel about it, and he was in. And I mean, he was IN. Completely steals the show. I wanted to do a “harder” song, because I always want it to be challenging, but he convinced me to just do one I know and he’d be my backup. I  wanted to practice more, learn the words more and he was just like, you know it, you got it, let’s do this. So we did it. Two takes and we were done. And he is so funny in it.



Here’s some fun facts…

Most recurring artist: Billy Joel with four songs.

I miscounted and did an extra day. So 101 days of lip sync. Day 54: This Night, Billy Joel and the following day I did Day 54 again: Vienna, Billy Joel. Idiot.

Nina was the most featured person in my videos, appearing in four of them.

One and done: Brave, Sara Bareilles and Teacher I Need You, Elton John. Literally did these both in one take. The first because my computer was dying and I had no choice, the second because I sang this song almost every day my junior year of high school.



My favorite week: Disney week.



The most viewed video on youtube was Day 24: Cha Cha Cha, Jimmy Luxury and the Tommy Rome Orchestra with 1,936 views and 10 comments. I have no idea why this was so well-received. It’s not really anything special and not too difficult of a song. It must just be because the more views it gets, the more likely it is to come up on people’s searches? I don’t know.



The meanest comment was on Day 26: Spill the Wine by Eric Burdon & War. Someone commented and said, “Thanks for ruining one of my favorite songs!” This comment still makes me laugh. I can’t believe he hated it so much that he had to comment and say so, and I also can’t believe he thought it was THAT bad. I meannnnn, I thought this was a pretty good one.



Most fun video: Die Young, Kei$ha.



Video I’m most proud of is easily the finale: Love is an Open Door, Frozen.




6 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Congrats! I admire your persistence and endurance. It’s a trip that CHA CHA CHA got the most views and comments. You ask why? It’s a fun and unique song, plus the way you presented it. You looked so relaxed and in control as you swayed to the music. You just looked frickin cool. Keep up the good work. Your admirer from the Great Lake state: Mike.

  2. Re: Cha Cha song… Corona Beer used it in a national ad this summer, causing many people to look for the song online. When you play the original (Jimmy Luxury) song on YouTube, your version is in the sidebar. I clicked on yours and got a kick out of it. Wondered if you were famous. Two clicks on the Google machine brought me here. Anyhoo, that’s why it got so many views. You look like a star. Best of luck.

  3. Re. Cha Cha Cha-it’s the greatest song and I love Jimmy Luxury! You did an amazing job, starting with hitting the laughs in the beginning perfectly. I first got turned on to this song and Jimmy after Oceans Eleven, and have been a fan ever since! That and the commercials really put the song out there. Hey you chose it for a reason.
    Congrats on sticking it out too! I watched them all and you did an awesome job. The Bloopers were hilarious and great touch. Good luck with everything!

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