Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

It’s official… I’m moving! August 1! It will be exactly one year that I’ve lived in Giuditta’s garage. It’s been a great year, and a great living situation, and Giuditta is the best, and now I have Natascia (her daughter) as a good friend,.. but I’m ready to have my own bathroom. Ha.

I will be moving from Marina del Rey to Santa Monica (staying on the west side, of course).

Last year, when I was in between living situations and staying with Matt and AR in Santa Monica and Rich and Tara in Topanga, my friend Jon asked me to housesit for him. (Jon is my friend, a screenwriter, his wife is awesome, his two kids are awesome). I gladly accepted (I think he was doing it more as a favor for me because he knew I was basically homeless).

Regardless, I stayed at Jon’s house for maybe a week or two. I forget, but it was amazing. He has the best backyard EVER.

Depending on where you’re from. If you live in LA, having a yard at all is clutch. But to have a big, grassy, fenced in yard with lounge chairs and a picnic table and a tree swing and a grill? It doesn’t get much better than that. If you live in New Jersey, everyone has a backyard. Usually a big one. I never knew the backyard I grew up with was so massive until I moved to California. I gotta say, my parents have a pretty sweet backyard.

So anyway, at the back of this backyard is a guest house. This is where I will be living.

To be fair, it’s a renovated garage, but this one has its own bathroom and when I move in, will have hardwood floors. Still don’t have my own kitchen, but whatever. Slowly but surely I will keep improving my living situation.

Pros: my own bathroom, AWESOME backyard, amazing location, lots of sunlight, private entrance, friends with the family, only $100 more than what I’m paying now.

Cons: It’s probably about a third of the living space I have now, the laundry unit is in my guest house so I have to coordinate my schedule with Jon’s for when they’re doing laundry, still don’t have my own kitchen, have to temporarily move out for about a month in March when his in-laws come to stay with them.

With the cons come their own set of pros… by decreasing my living space, I once again have to get rid of “shit.” I felt like I got rid of soooo much of my stuff when I moved to Giuditta’s, but now I have to get rid of even more. It’s probably for the best. As for the laundry, well that’s awesome it’s in my unit. And I’m sure there will be lots of times when I’m not there that Darcy (Jon’s wife) can just go ahead in there to do laundry. Also, it will force me to clean up because I won’t want her thinking I’m some kind of slob back there.

Don’t have a kitchen. I’ll still have the essentials: microwave, toaster, fridge, and Jon said he’s going to put a hot plate back there, too. And the temporary leave? Well I don’t have to pay rent that month. And maybe I can use that time to plan a trip. Travel. See the world. All kinds of fun stuff I could do! I’m stoked!

I’m going home to New Jersey from July 23rd – August 4th (family vacation! OBX! Babies!). Jon said I can move my stuff in early, so when I leave for Jersey I will have already moved all my stuff, and when I get back, I’ll have a new home.


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