Risky Business

So, I’m doing 100 days of Lip Sync.

Every day, for 100 consecutive days, I record myself lip syncing a song, Jimmy Fallon style (aka, about two minutes of a song…the best part of the song) and then post it on youtube/Facebook.

How did this happen?

Well, my friend Natascia recently completed 100 days of song, in which she posted a video of herself on Facebook every day, for 100 consecutive days. I was actually living with Natascia during part of her 100 days, so I witnessed the fun/stress/time of it all. She told me she had done it because one her friends had done 100 days of “something.” I forget if someone told Natascia she should do it and/or if she was inspired to do it, but it doesn’t matter.

Natascia is not a singer. And by that I only mean, it’s not her profession in life. She IS a singer, and it makes her happy to sing, so she did this thing.

As soon as she told me all about it, the first thing I thought was, that is so cool you have something you’d actually want to do, for fun, for 100 consecutive days. Then I thought, if I could do something for 100 days, what would it be?

It was so obvious. Lip sync. And then I immediately thought, no I’m not going to actually do it.


Because why would I??

I have way too many things in my life that I want to accomplish and therefore “should” be doing right now. I don’t need yet another distraction. There are so many things I could be doing for my acting career that I’m not doing, right in this moment. And then there’s my writing. I want to sell a screenplay. How can I do that if I’m off making fucking home videos of myself lip syncing to songs for no reason at all??

And then, of course, there’s thinking about what other people think of me. Namely, my family. That’s a big reason not to do it, because I just picture most of them rolling their eyes at me and the next time I see them, being made fun of for it.

So when I think of all these things, I think, no, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth your time.

But then I find myself thinking about it all the time. And creating a document of songs with time spans of the best parts, and practicing for these “lip sync contests” that only exist in my mind.

This goes on for months, until finally, one day, it hits me in the face.

Oh my God, I want to do this SO bad. I have to do it. I NEED to do it.

And once I realized that, I started planning, and getting excited, and anxious, and nervous, and all those things.

But it was really cool, too, knowing that I had to do this thing. And when I think about it, it really makes total sense.

I have been lip syncing since I can remember. I know I’ve already talked about this in previous posts, but growing up, I never realized how important it was to me.

Recently, I saw a Ted Talk of filmmaker Andrew Stanton (write of Toy Story 3, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters’ Inc., A Bug’s Life) and here’s the part that stuck with me most:

“I can now see key things that happened in my youth that really sort of, opened my eyes to certain things about story. In 1986, I truly understood the notion of story having a theme. And that was the year that they restored and re-released Lawrence of Arabia. And I saw that thing seven times in one month. I couldn’t get enough it. I could just tell there was a grand design under it…..”

The rest of what he says is definitely important, but that’s not the part that struck me. First I thought, he went to the movies and saw this thing seven times. My brother saw Star Wars: Episode One, at least three times. I want to say seven times, but I may be exaggerating. Either way, when my brother saw this movie, this many times, it made me feel something. It made me feel like, this is kind of something special. Not like an obsession, at all. It was like, something no one else could be a part of, because it was his thing.

That is lip sync for me. I have been fanagling my sisters and friends into making home videos with me since I can remember. Sometimes it was SNL skits, and a lot of the time, I just wanted to make up a dance to a song I could lip sync to. I don’t think I even called it lip syncing at the time. It was just, “let’s make up a dance to this song.” And when they didn’t want to, I was sooo disappointed. No one ever wanted to do this thing as much as I did. All the time.

Looking back now, I realize, that kind of means something. Doesn’t it? I think so.

So, to answer the questions everyone keeps asking me, “Why are you doing this? What is it for? Are you doing it for charity??”

No. Lol. I am doing it for the pure joy it brings me. (And sure, most things I do in my life are in the hopes of somehow getting on Jimmy Fallon, as well.)

I’m 15 days in and I am having so much fun. Of course it can be a bit time consuming. My one friend said, “You must have a lot of time on your hands.” I don’t actually. I just stopped watching movies and TV. I was definitely afraid this would take up too much of my time that should be devoted to other things, but now that I’m in it, I’m so happy I’m doing it.

I feel like a kid. I get to play!


…Watch, subscribe, share… or not… here’s the first 15 days:

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