You’ve Got Mail

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Rocco. He’s another manager/bartender at Brick. I figure I should write about Rocco. Because he really wants me to. How do I know this? Because he told me.

“Stets, I was really upset I wasn’t in your last blog.” Which one? “The one with Juan and Jimmy and everyone behind the bar.” Yea, because you weren’t here that night! “I’m here now!” Nothing’s happening right now. “You know in the movie A Christmas Story, and the little kid-” Ralphy, yea. “Yea. He’s waiting by the radio?” Yea. “That’s me every time you post a blog.”

Rocco really knows how to get to me with the Christmas references. He knows how much I love Christmas. He brings it up all the time. Like right after Thanksgiving, I wore these colorful earrings to work. They’re pink, orange, green, white. Lots of colors. “Aw look at you Stets with your Christmas earrings.” What? These aren’t Christmas earrings. He looks at me knowingly. “Sure they aren’t.”

Then another time when I got done work, I threw on a pink hoodie. “Stets in her Christmas hoodie.” Rocco, what are you talking about, this is pink! “Uh, yea, Christmas Story? The bunny suit?”

Rocco also has this running joke that I’m always hammered when I’m working. Every time I drink out out of my “water” cup he just looks at me. “Stetsss, what are you drinking?” It’s water! Here you can taste it. And he does. Every time. Then whenever an Allagash gets rung in and he sees the ticket… “Stets did you order this for yourself?” Because I said I liked Allagash like one time. And if Leo is nearby he’ll always jump on the train. “She’s already pounded ten in the back.” And then they just go back and forth. Rocco is always so serious, too, never breaking. “Jesus, Stets! How hammered are you right now?” Oh my God, I didn’t drink anything! And then he puts both hands up as if to stop me and says, very slowly, “Stets….. Settle down.”

I finally just roll my eyes and walk away.

He always knows how to fire me up (I’m realizing everybody does – it doesn’t take much). Back when I did the Christmas play, he kept asking me when it was. And I kept telling him. I finally sent him an email with all the dates. Come into work and he asks me AGAIN.

Me: Rocco, just read my fucking email!

Rocco: Yea I don’t do email.

Leo enters.

Me: Just let me know when you wanna come and I’ll tell you.

Leo: Woah, Stets.

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