A League of Their Own

Monmouth University Field Hockey 2005

I can’t help but see the parallels between acting and playing sports – especially in a play. Rehearsals are like practice, obviously. I get a similar feeling when I walk into rehearsals that I used to get walking on to the field for practice. It’s work, but it’s fun, and you’re there because you love it.

Feeling a little scattered one day at rehearsal. On a break, I talk to Bree, the director. Just want to make sure I’m approaching my character in the right way. So, I used to coach field hockey, so I feel like the cast is my team, and my team sucks. And I love them, but they frustrate the hell out of me.¬†And I’ve had them for preseason, and now the head coach is here, and I’m trying to show her how good we are.

“That’s a perfect analogy. Yes. And, see how you are right now? This presence is what you need on stage and I haven’t seen this until right now, when you were just talking. So whatever you need to do to get to this (she waves a hand in front of me), do that.”

Hmm, OK. So when I start talking about field hockey and coaching, everything in my body language changes. I become more confident and strong. I totally am this person. In some portion of my life.

And now I’m excited again. This is something I can work with.

The next few days, I bring my field hockey stick and ball and dribble around before rehearsal. I dribble on the sidewalk outside the theater. I dribble on stage. Even just sitting and holding the stick in my hand, I feel confident.

I dribble by Paul (the other director) one day. “That’s weird.” Right Paul, and you’re the most normal person I’ve ever met. You want me to be Janet? Then I need to play field hockey right now.

There was a moment in college when I thought, what the fuck have I been doing with my life? All I have cared about up until this point was field hockey. This was right around the time when I got cast in the school play, Cabaret, and started to rethink a lot of my choices.

But the more time goes by the more I realize how much playing a sport in college has helped in me in so many aspects of my life. In every way. Seriously. I am a better actor and even a better person because of it.

Go Hawks. (Oh yeahHhhhhhHhHhHh Monmouth!)

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