Alright you guys. Hi! I’m back. Seriously this time. I’ve already written ten entries that I will post online once a week every Tuesday for the next ten weeks. And hopefully so on, but I can at least say a definite ten.

It’s been ten months since my last post and much has changed. Soooo much has changed. So, I think the blog can change a little, too.

In the past, once I introduce a character (ie the people in my life), I don’t tend to explain that person again in future posts. But because it’s been so long, I’ll do my best to reintroduce all the players as they come up.

Which leads me to content. Before, I wrote about people without their permission. If they happened to be in my life then they could at any time be written into a post. Which I realize might not be so fun for everyone. Or appropriate. In some cases maybe even a dick move. So please just let me know if you don’t want me to write about you. For example, Tara.

Well I guess I should first reintroduce Tara. (Maybe I shouldn’t put last names either.) Tara and I went to high school together but never really knew each other. When I moved to California, she had already been living here and we became fast friends (thank God, too, because I don’t know what I would have done without her). I have written A LOT about Tara. She tells me I have written too much. “I’m going to start a blog and write about all YOUR private, embarrassing moments.” Fair enough, Tara. You’re probably definitely right. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT going to stop writing about Tara. That’s silly. But I will let her screen my stuff before I post it (if necessary). It’s only fair. (So basically I’m not really changing anything. And I still might write about you. And you might not like it.)

And finally, since I don’t want to avoid the obvious, Mike and I are no longer together. I’m not really going to dive into that because it’s private and even if there are things I could share, it’s not just writing about me, it’s writing about us and I don’t really get to decide to do that. I might touch on how I feel about certain things but I won’t be blogging about my past relationship. The main reason I even mention it is because I know a lot of people who (used to) read this were a big part of both of our lives and I respect and appreciate all of you.

So I guess that’s about it as far as setup goes. Lindsayinlalaland is back.

…whatever that means.

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