Garden Grove

Saturday afternoon hike

Anna Rose has been performing in a play, and this is the last weekend. I have to go. Mike has off, so we go together on a Friday. “Hollywood Positive” is the name, and it’s very cute and funny. This is my first time seeing AR act, and she blows me away. I mean, so good. She’s got the sexy, ditzy character down pat. But she has more, because somehow, she makes this character completely likeable – she is just too funny. I love it. She’s not even one of the main characters, which is kind of better because I just look forward to every time she’s on stage. By far, AR gets the most laughs. Easily. There is one other guy who is super hilarious, but he’s only at the end, in two scenes.

Immediately after, we walk out front and wait for AR to come say hi. She walks out with Birdie – we’re going to take her back to her apartment. I’m not gonna lie, when the star of the show comes out to talk to only us, I can’t help but feel cool. I know her!!! I praise AR for how amazing she was. It’s a relief honestly. I mean, seriously. I’m in an acting group with this girl, and this is my first time seeing her act. I was hoping she’d be good. I’m in awe and have so much respect for her in this moment.

Kevin and Jill arrive tonight – staying for the weekend. Head back to the apartment with Birdie and wait for them. As soon as they arrive, we pack a pizza and two bottles of wine, and all drive over to AR’s. We’ve got the place to ourselves until AR gets home. She has this amazing rooftop setup, so we go up there to hang out and catch up. AR gets home and join us – she must be exhausted. I can’t imagine being in a play and having that many shows. I’m glad I get to introduce my new amazing friend to my old amazing friends. We all sit and talk and really appreciate the beautiful night, the California sky, and each other’s company (as corny as that sounds).

Not really sure...
Not really sure…

Saturday afternoon we go for a hike. Obviously, this is Kevin and Jill’s idea. Mike go on a hike? Please. “Where should we go?” That’s a great question, Jill. I have no idea. We ask our most reliable source – Tara. She isn’t around this weekend, unfortunately, but she gives us a couple options and we hike somewhere near Topanga. Honestly, I have no idea where we are.

Sunday morning, Kev gets up early to surf. The rest of us meander down after him, grabbing a coffee on the way. I really love these two. Whenever they’re around we actually do things. Like go outside.

Later, we head down to Hermosa Beach. It’s Labor Day Weekend, and there’s this event called Fiesta Hermosa that goes on every year. Lots of vendors, live music, food, carnival-esque games, a beer garden. Hmm, what should we do first.

Beer garden it is. A huge section is cordoned off for this thing, which includes a stage for bands to play. We grab beers and head to the front, waiting for the first band to go on. So many old people here. All the bands are made up of old men. I love it. Lots of classic rock and oldies to be heard. Kyle meets us a little while later – he doesn’t live too far from here.

Fiesta Hermosa WD reunion
Fiesta Hermosa WD reunion

We hang out for a while, jamming out and drinking beers. Then walk around, not wanting to spend money, but I just can’t keep myself from buying this sweet-looking ring. Doesn’t help that Jill buys one. I mean, if she can, I can. Plus, there’s only one in my size. Of the probably hundred rings at this vendor, all made of clock or watch parts, only one is my size. So, I have to have it.

After spending most of the day outside in the sun, drinking beers, we are fairly exhausted when we get back to Venice. Power through, going to the Bank of Venice for dinner and grabbing a drink at Larry’s afterwards.

Monday is their last day. Let’s play paddle tennis! We told them about it on Friday. Every time we go to the beach, we pass the paddle tennis courts. Neither of us has ever played, but it looks fun. Leave it to Kevin and Jill to get us out here and actually play. It’s $5 a paddle for an hour. So we play for an hour, learning as we go. Reminds me of pickleball – we played it in high school gym class. It was my absolute favorite thing. It’s like that, combined with tennis, combined with ping pong.

After a quick lunch, Kevin and Jill are on their way, back to San Francisco.

…Next time, we’ll come to you guys!


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