Anything Could Happen

Allie’s here!

Allie comes to visit me at the end of July (I know, I’m backtracking). You have no idea how excited I am that Allie chose to use some of her vacation time to come stay with me in California. (Reminder: Allie was my college roommate for four years and best friend. If you want to read about her first,

She’s never seen the Hollywood sign, so she DEFINITELY wants to do that. OK. Any tourist-y stuff, let’s get that out of the way on your first day. Right after I pick her up from the airport, we stop at the apartment and then we’re on our way. On our drive to the Griffith Observatory (apparently best place to go for view of the sign – I’ve never been), Kelly calls. I put her on speaker phone and tell her everything Allie and I have planned. We then start to make plans for when she comes. Everything fun I do with Allie, we can do when you come. This is good practice. I hang up the phone. Just kidding, Allie.

Allie’s more concerned with not being a part of Skype Happy Hour. “I want to have Skype Happy Hour with you!” Well, we can definitely arrange that.

Parking is unreal at the Observatory. And we’re tight on time because I have to pick up Mike from work. I finally just double park the car and get out to take a picture of Allie. Sorry that wasn’t exactly the best trip to the sign. But Allie doesn’t care – she got her picture, she’s happy. She’s easy. One of the reasons I love her.

I warn Mike that since I’m picking him up early, he has to come to Hollywood Blvd with us. He resists, but we both actually don’t mind it too much. I mean, we only do this stuff when people visit, so it’s not too painful. It’s actually educational. After walking around for a while, we dip into the Roosevelt Hotel for a drink. I love this place, ever since the time I came when I lived in North Hollywood. Oh, so long ago. The bar is so tiny. Like, maybe ten bar stools, and we easily get three seats. Somehow, two guys hit on Allie. The one guy sitting at the bar to our left, and then another guy who approaches the bar and is so completely lame in the way he hits on her. I can’t even remember, I just remember making fun of him. So mean. That night, we walk to Nikkis for some drinks. Allie’s on east coast time, Mike has work in the morning, and I am just an old lady, so we don’t stay out too late.

First time in the Pacific Ocean!

On Saturday, Allie and I take a walk on the beach to the pier (this is pretty standard with any guest who visits me now), get a margarita on the pier, do a little Christmas shopping. Yup, first Christmas purchase of the year in July. An adorable Christmas ornament. Who will this be for? I don’t know, but I know they’ll love it! Walk back on the boardwalk and stop at the Venice Ale House. Great beer. I update the girls on Whatsapp with a picture. Allie chimes in. “I want to be a part of Whatsapp.” First SHH, now Whatsapp. I need to involve Allie more in my life.

Unfortunately, I have to work at night. Allie cabs it late, looking burnt to a crisp in her striped black and white maxi dress. It wasn’t even sunny today, but we were outside all day and that overcast sky will get you. Mike is supposed to come in when he gets off work, but his night keeps getting later and later, and Allie has to sit by herself at the long table in the middle of the bar. She says she’s fine with it. I talk to her when I can, but I’m a little busy. She orders a pizza. Some drunk guy tries to eat her last slice and she yells at him. No, you cannot have her last slice of pizza. Obviously, she’s going to eat the whole thing. Sheesh.

I move her closer to the bar, in the hopes of grabbing a seat there. This guy starts talking to us. His name is Shawn. He’s nice. I will allow him to talk to Allie while I finish working. After Allie sits down, this chick spills an entire glass of red wine all over her dress. Apparently, the girl apologizes profusely, offering to pay for the dry cleaning. Allie is totally cool about it, in Allie fashion. She actually starts to feel bad for the girl. “Lindsay, she offered to pay for my DRY CLEANING…. only in California. This would never happen in Jersey.”

Mike arrives late and we all hang out after the bar closes – Shawn too, our new friend.

She's the best.
She’s the best.

Sunday I make breakfast for the three of us – soft-boiled eggs, obviously. Then we head to a going away/pool party for Nina (from Brick+Mortar). She’s moving to D.C. It’s somehow cloudy and incredibly chilly today – everyone is wearing sweatshirts. I knew I had to bring something for the party, so I made jungle juice (why not?). Basically, just used everything I had in the apartment – clementine vodka that had been sitting in my freezer for an entire year, a bottle of white wine, OJ, crystal light pink lemonade, and we stop at Ralph’s for some pineapple juice. Done.

I’d say I know about half the people here. It’s total chill mode – everyone just sitting around, talking and eating. We meet some of Nina’s friends. “Did you guys go to Malibu High?” Mike, Allie, and I cannot get past this. Oh yea, we totally went to Malibu High. Where are we?? No, we’re from Jersey. Does Malibu High exist? It sounds like 90210. Some more Brick+Mortar employees arrive and it’s time to move from Blue Moon to jungle juice. Alex – the barback from work – is such an instigator. “Is Marie coming out today??” Marie is my alter ego. My fun, party, drink mode version of myself that Alex loves. It’s also my middle name. I’m drinking jungle juice Alex, so, what do you think? We continue drinking the juice. I’m sure we won’t finish it – I brought a massive cooler. But we do.

Mike (he hasn’t been drinking the juice) drives us back to the apartment and the three of us eat an entire bag of Kettle Chips on the way. Awesome. Shower and get ready – we have another party to go to. This one is for Anna Rose. She’s screening a teaser from the movie she just shot. Everyone involved in the film is there – Natalie was also in the movie. It’s at some guy’s house. I forget his name. We’re outside most of the time, then everyone piles into this room to watch the trailer. It’s so awesome. I love seeing AR and Natalie act. This whole thing has me so pumped up. I want to go make something!

Allie doesn’t get it. She thinks it’s weird that everyone just watched that. And she doesn’t really understand what we just watched. Like, what was the point of that? What happens with it now? What exactly did we just watch? Is this what parties are like in LA? Valid questions, no doubt. It’s just funny to see her reaction after I get so excited about it. We proceed to drink our faces off. Fireball, to be specific. I mean, drinking straight from the bottle. We get a little rowdy. A cab picks us up before midnight. I tell everyone that we’ll meet them at The Basement, but we go straight home.

Monday is not good. Super hungover. But it’s Allie’s last day, and she wants to go to the beach, and buy things on the boardwalk. I’m the worst company, but I do it all. Then take her to Mendocino Farms – my favorite sandwich place. Food will surely make me feel better. Nope. I’m dead. We go home and lay around watching Orange is the New Black while I moan and complain. Mike and I bring Allie to the airport that night. Stop for food on the way home – there’s no way I’m making anything for dinner – and pass out. Dead. Great weekend.

*Ellie Goulding

2 thoughts on “Anything Could Happen

  1. Hangovers. The worst. Getting old Jetson….Glad your bloggin and slog gin again. The twins were not to enthusiastic about recreating your head shot poses at xmas party. And I think Sara might hate me. Or love me…I can’t tell…….Also I’d love to take this opportunity to announce to the world how I beat you 2 games to 1 in romantic comedy trivia. Get yer game up son.

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