Dramatic Intro

Natalie, AR, Roxy, and Katie
Natalie, AR, Roxy, and Katie

Things really began happening in August. I audited a group called Actor Salon. It’s a group of actors who meet once a week to discuss their careers and take action. Most importantly, they hold each other accountable. Each person has his time to talk about what he had accomplished in his week, how and if he had reached his goals, and then set goals for the following week. It was incredibly motivating and inspiring. And expensive. I told my friend from work, Anna Rose, about it. “We should start our own. Why pay for it when we have each other?”

By “we” she was referring to a few other girls we work with: Natalie, Katie, and Roxy. I mean, sure, that would be great, but I don’t really know these girls THAT well outside of work. Not even Anna Rose that much. They’re nice and everything, but are they going to provide the discipline and accountability that I need? Well, might as well give it a try.

To make a long story short, Action! (yes, the exclamation point is included) was born in August 2013. Since our first meeting, we have never missed a single week (except for Thanksgiving). All five of us. So much has happened since that first meeting. Personal achievements include new headshots, my very first reel, at least one audition a week since October 1, booking two jobs as the lead in short films, completing our “Noir” shoot that we shot in April, shooting two Doritos commercial spots, and co-writing a short with Anna Rose. We’re also doing The Artist’s Way – a workbook – which includes writing three pages every morning of free thought. But what I’ve gained the most from Action! is a support group. These girls are there for me in everything I pursue, and I’m finally back to a place where I feel like anything’s possible. Sky’s the limit. It’s a good feeling.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this confident or motivated in my acting career. I should probably introduce the girls, because they’re such a huge part of my life now.

Anna Rose. My writing partner. I see AR more than anyone else in the group, because we usually meet at least twice a week to write together. Among other things. We work out sometimes, too (eh, not that much). She and her boyfriend Matt are also now the owners of Birdie, so I’m lucky enough to see Birdie on a regular basis. AR and I make a great team because she is so freakin’ positive and optimistic, while I’m more of the pessimistic voice of reason. She has recently joined my writers group on Monday nights. Zach curiously observed us one night. “I’m just trying to figure out who the man is in this relationship.” AR might be happy and bubbly and sweet, but she is no pushover. We get into it sometimes, but it always ends well. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Our poor boyfriends. I think we see each other more than we see them.

Katie. The generous and ever-so-sweet group member. Katie told me something once. “I fall in love easily.” I can tell, because she has definitely fallen in love with us. The group is a sacred thing, and I swear Katie would jump in front of a bus for any of us.  She believes so strongly in each of us and has nothing but good things to say. When I was sick Katie brought me homemade soup. She’s that friend.

Roxy. The only one who doesn’t work with us at Brick+Mortar anymore. For the little time that we did work together, we connected. I remember closing the bar with her, and at the end of the night, she wanted nothing more than to sit down with me, have a drink, and talk about life. Roxy is big on making time for the people in her life. She made a rule for herself that if she ever said she was going to be somewhere, she would be there. She’s no flake, something I really appreciate. Roxy is extremely strong-willed and never hesitates to share her opinion in group. When it comes to acting, she’s no nonsense. I like that.

Natalie. The quirky, weird, funny one. I’ve mentioned her in previous blogs. I get along with her like no other. In fact, I’ve never gotten mad at her for anything. I told her that once, and she very matter-of-factly told me that it’s because she doesn’t like confrontation. When a conversation during group becomes heated and we start raising our voices, as it so often does, Natalie retreats. What I see as a normal conversation she sees as a big fight. But we do have similar thoughts on other things. Like hugging. So much hugging in California. It’s not comfortable for us to immediately go for the hug, but we both agree that we’re trying to let it happen more often. Embrace the hugs.

So there they are. The group. Action!

*The Lonely Island

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