We’re Back!


Oh, how I’ve missed you, blog. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. The blog has been placed on the back burner for a good three months. Recently, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and wanting to write again. Maybe it’s because I’m getting in Christmas mode and for some reason that makes me want to blog. Maybe it’s because I’m getting stuck on the two screenplays I’m working on so I’d rather write something that comes a little easier. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been blogging in my head like I used to do, and just need to get it on the page. (Or maybe it’s because Heather said she misses it!)

Regardless, I’m back. And this isn’t just a one and done. December will be packed with blogs. I will post (hopefully) every other day this month. Whaaaat??!!! That’s crazy. Crazy, but true.

To begin, I will say that I’m better than ever. I turned 29 in August, and Kelly turned 29 in September. We made a decision about this year of our lives. “29 is going to be epic.” It’s already on its way to being just that.

Please stay tuned for some epic blogs. Happy December.

*The Lonely Island

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