My Life

Livin' life in California
Livin’ and lovin’ life in California

I have so many things to write about but life keeps getting in the way. In a good way, of course, but nonetheless, in the way. Every day I don’t post a blog feels like a fail. How hard is it to write down what I’m thinking? It’s not. I make it hard. I make it more than it is. I do that with a lot of things. Working on it.

Things are good. My lack of posts is not for any other reason than my acting and writing has been pushed to the forefront and they both get prioritized ahead of “the blog.” But I think about it every day. And I miss the way I feel week after week from posting blogs. I promise to try harder. This blog has gone from being a vague diary entry, to being directed specifically to readers, to me talking to myself, to being a more truthful diary entry, and now some kind of blend in between all that. In a way, I depend on it. Even if nothing else is going on, but my blog is, then things are OK.

I’m on the second draft of my screenplay and gave myself a deadline, so I’m trying to finish that before the end of this month. I’m getting new headshots August 29th. I started a new group with four fellow actresses and we meet each week to discuss furthering our careers. I had my first audition of 2013. Dane started a new blog about writing and producing and everything involved in what we’re interested in, and I’m a contributor to that. It’s I finally got back on Twitter. Like, seriously this time.

I need new glasses. I really need a bike. These headshots coming up are expensive. So I’m also trying to work a lot and make some money, especially after our 10-day trip home in the beginning of July.

Today, I’ll have my weekly Skype session with Dane for an hour. We’ll talk about all things writing and just catch up with each other. Hopefully motivate each other, too. After that, I get to babysit little Sam Robinson for an hour and I can’t wait. Then, I’m heading to my friend Anna Rose’s place (one of the actors in our group) to brainstorm ideas for a short to write together involving all five of us as characters. After that, I’m not positive, but I have to do laundry. I should rewrite the next three scenes of my script. Need to clean up around the apartment, definitely clean the tub, and update our cleaning schedule so Mike and I stop slacking. Finish writing my next blog that dates back to Memorial Day Weekend. Maybe I’ll even tweet something. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.”

*Billy Joel

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