Bring it On


I sit outside on the third floor balcony drinking coffee and writing. See Meg and Kelly walk out to Meg’s car. They don’t see me until they’re driving away. Meg beeps. Kelly waves to me out the window. She may have screamed a little, too. They’re going to Wings.

By the time they’ve returned, I’ve retired from writing and joined the masses out back by the pool. It seems like it’s been hours and boy do they make an entrance. Kelly is wearing many of the items she’s purchased and carries two Wings bags and a bright orange butterfly catcher. Essential. It’s like Christmas as she starts handing out gifts. An OBX nail file for Mom, a back scratcher for Dad, a Best Friends necklace for me – I take Best, she takes Friends, an awesome black bracelet that says OMG BFF, and a pair of sunglasses for me and Muffy. That doesn’t even include all the things she bought for herself. I really had no idea Kelly was going to buy this many things. I guess I should have had an inkling. Once we’ve all settled down and heard about how amazing Wings truly is, Kelly makes an announcement. “Just so you guys know, I will be registered at Wings.” I think she’s serious.

Team Awesome...whatever
Team Awesome…whatever

After a hearty chicken salad sandwich for lunch, we start prepping for the Beer Olympics. I’ve never done this before. Hopefully Kelly is on my team. She’s somehow been on my team for every game so far. Magically, random teams are picked and we are. We’re paired with the Kuda siblings, better known to me as Jeff and Kuda. I can’t believe how fast I come up with our team name but Kelly is equally thrilled by it. “We’re Going to Win(gs).” The other team is made up of Herron, Meg, Chris, and Muffy. They have a little trouble coming up with a name before they settle on, “Team Awesome.” How original.

The games keep getting pushed back later and later, so Kelly and I sit on opposite sides of the pool and throw the little OBX football back and forth to each other. We each have a beer so naturally, it becomes a drinking game. Every time we miss the ball, we drink. It happens a lot. Muffy, Meg, and Chris eventually join in. It’s amazing how fun throwing a football back and forth across a pool, counting how many you can get consecutively, could be so fun. But before I get another beer and keep playing, let’s get these Olympics started.

First is Civil War, which I’ve never heard of. It involves all of us in a somewhat beer pong game. It’s awful. We get killed (get it?). Next is Beer Ball, again I’ve never heard of it. A can is on each corner of the table and you have to throw the ping pong ball and hit the can. That’s the gist of it. Kelly and Kuda play against Meg and Muffy. Somehow Muffy always ends up on the ground, underneath the table. Dad comes out to watch and we somehow get to talking about sunscreen. He probably makes a joke that Muffy doesn’t need to wear any. “Yes I do! I wear SPF 110!” 110? That’s so high. Dad didn’t even know 110 existed. Kelly explains it to him. “You squeeze the tube and a T-shirt pops out.”

Ahhh! Red cups!
Ahhh! Red cups!
Next up is a terrible game of beer pong, all parties involved (I hit five cups and Jeff doesn’t hit any…just saying). After that is the Easter Egg Relays. Obviously, we made this one up. Just because Kelly had the bag of plastic Easter eggs in her car. While they’re setting up, Herron and I have a football catch. He passes to me, then I to him, and the catch is over. Because I throw it a little too far and he goes for it, back into the brush. Manages to catch it before trying to lightly fall out of it and back onto the grass so as not to hurt himself anymore, but the damage is done. Everyone is standing there, watching. I’m cringing. He sits in the yard, all cut up and bleeding on his legs and arms. I try not to laugh because I can’t believe this just happened, but I do feel really bad. He’s really bleeding. Kelly is ready to play. “OK so for the next game…or is it too soon.” A little too soon but in a couple more minutes, the Olympics continue.
beer olmypics3
Flip cup

By the time we get to Survivor Flip Cup, I’m surprised I don’t feel drunk. You’d think by now the Olympics would be taking its toll on me. If my team has any chance of winning, we have to win the next two events. We don’t. Survivor Flip Cup doesn’t last long. So even though we’ve lost, we’ll play the last game – Anchor Man. This the dumbest game ever. All it is, is chugging way too many beers. And of course, since I opened my big mouth about not being drunk, the other team picks me to do all the heavy drinking. In between trying to chug very cold beer, I take breaks to keep letting everyone know how stupid this game is.

*The Gaslight Anthem

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