Christmas with Bennette 2012
Christmas with Bennette 2012

Figure if I lay around all day Saturday I’ll be fine for work at 7pm. I’m not. I feel like garbage. Christmas took everything out of me! Thankfully, it’s a slow night, and even though Leo should send the 4 o’clock person home, he lets me go instead. (For someone who has the reputation of being a dick, Leo’s really not that bad.) Sunday I’m no better and call out of work for the first time. So, the whole point of coming back the Friday after Christmas so I didn’t have to miss any shifts just went right out the window. Oh well.

Monday is New Years Eve. I’m almost back to normal and even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t miss this shift. Mike has no plans, so he decides to visit me at work. I’m glad he does. Since I’m the 7 o’clock person, I get somewhat screwed with my section and am not really that busy. I don’t even care because I don’t feel up to running around and now I can talk to Mike. He stands at the crowded bar and can’t get a seat. I get him a drink and watch him uncomfortably try to blend in while not having anyone to talk to. Rocco yells at me for not introducing him, so next time I’m at Mike’s side, I yell over the bar patrons to Rocco and introduce them from a distance.

Back at my tables, everyone feels so bad that I have to work tonight. They keep offering me shots to ease the pain. It’s funny because I actually like to work on New Years’. Going out entails spending a lot of money and being surrounded by douche bags who seem to think this is the last night in their lives that they will ever drink again. Besides, all my managers are in the best moods and the bartenders are more than willing to feed us shots. And we get to dress up. It’s fun. This one table in particular is completely in love with me. I must admit, part of my excellent service tonight is because they are my only table for a while. But still, I’m not being conceded; they were obsessed with me. The best part is, they were six girls. Girls are usually such bitches to each other. We even talk about that, and they are just so impressed with how nice I am to them. I actually have a lot of fun watching them drink and have fun. They are obviously all single, and I watch this one girl hawk out a guy as he walks to the bar and call her out on it. She is cracking up because I saw her. Mike is close by and I’ve already told them he was coming (because we’re all friends now), and I know he isn’t interested, but I pull him over to meet them since he’s standing by himself, anyway. They practically attack him telling him how awesome I am. They’re close to drunk at this point and Mike is not, so he’s a little overwhelmed.

Finally, Bennette arrives. Thank God, now Mike has someone to talk to. I think he might not hang around much longer because he’s alone. Bennette is with her own friends, so it’s not like she has to talk to Mike, but I tell her he’s there and the next time I look, they’re sitting next to each other at the bar talking. Yay! Now that Mike has a seat he’s done for. Rocco is feeding him drinks and shots for the rest of the night.

At almost midnight, I find Mike at the bar and squeeze my way in next to him. Now I’m watching all the bartenders shaking bottles of champagne. You’ve got to be kidding me. We count down to one and instead of kissing Mike, I’m crouching down under the bar to avoid being sprayed. The rest of the night is a shit show. I spend most of the time cleaning up after people. At 2am we’re shutting the doors. Instead of staying at the bar, Mike moves to a booth by himself. What are you doing? You don’t have to sit here, you can stay at the bar. He shakes his head no. “I can’t. If I stay there, Rocco will just keep giving me shots.” I laugh and sit down with him at the booth to do my paperwork.

Happy New Year!


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