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Lunch with Annie and Allie
Lunch with Annie and Allie

Force myself up Thursday morning even though my bed is so super comfortable. There’s no time for sleep. Since I didn’t get to meet Ben last night, Schultz is bringing him over this morning. If he is not the cutest thing, and I swear I am not writing that because I have to say my friends’ babies are cute. He’s the oldest of the three (Brand and Adrian), so he’s just more aware. More like an actual person. He’s sick, but still so happy. He’s smiling and laughing and I can’t stand it. It’s funny because he doesn’t crawl yet, but Schultz lays him down on a blanket and he gets on his hands and knees and wants to crawl so bad. He sways back and forth and moves around so much, but there is no actual movement forward. It’s adorable. It’s just me, Mom, and Schultz. Courtney wakes up and says hello. Again, it’s fun to see my friends as moms. Schultz is one of my more reserved friends. She’s super smart and well spoken and it’s just so different to see this other element. She’s amazing. It’s crazy how much Ben is a blend of her and Nick. What a cute baby.

They don’t stay for too long, and now I have to shower because I have a lunch date. Allie text me on Christmas. “Wait wait wait…you’re home?!?!?!” Haha yes! Sorry, I was keeping it a secret even though it didn’t matter if I told you but I was so paranoid. Merry Christmas Al! “You too, brat! How long are you home and when can we hang out?” So lunch date in Philly it is. Annie lives in Philly, too, so we can all meet up. Since it’s an MUFH (Monmouth University Field Hockey) reunion, I might as well ask Court if she wants to come. She does, and seriously thank God, because I don’t have a car and I don’t want to drive. Courtney volunteers both.

We go to Sabrina’s. There are a couple locations but we walk in and this is the one I went to with Stephen about five years ago and yes, they seat us at the same exact table. Weird. You know what else is weird? OK, so Allie was my roommate from college for basically four years and Annie was my friend and teammate for three (one year younger than us). We used to see each other every day and hang out with each other whenever we actually had a break. They were a huge part of my life and now it’s… well it’s not too different because we all still act the same, but it is different because we’re not as involved in each others’ lives as we used to be. I haven’t physically seen them in so long. They are both equally hilarious, in very different ways.

Allie and Annie 2005
Allie and Annie 2005

Allie tells these crazy, candid stories (today about mice, in particular – we always have random topics), and Annie is the most sarcastic, dry, confident individual I ever met. And Courtney is here. It was always weird to have her enter my college world – she came to Monmouth to play field hockey when I was a senior. I never thought she would. I don’t think I did a very good job with the adjustment. I was a captain, and she was a freshman, and I didn’t want the other freshmen to think she was favored because she was my sister. I may have done too good a job with it. I think I may have ignored her. If I could go back, I would have definitely tried to make the other freshmen know that yes, she is favored! At the time, it was hard to know the right way to act.

But after the season, it was easier to relax, and nice to have a family member at college. Really comforting, actually, since she had some drama of her own her freshman year. I was there to tell her that yes, it definitely gets better. Freshman year was the worst (for me). After we eat we sit and talk and I almost feel like I’m back in college at the dining hall (my favorite place of all time). Finally, we say goodbyes. I wish we could hang out like this all the time.

When I get home I’m so tired. All I want to do is sleep. I’m so thankful Courtney drove because that was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do. I think I should change, but I don’t, because I don’t feel like it. It’s not long before Kelly is picking me up for dinner. We head over to John and Mandy’s to pick up them and Mike. Kelly, as she has been my whole time home, is awesome in picking me up and driving me everywhere. I feel bad asking her to do this, too, but I use Jack as a reason to make it all better – she’s never met him before. I mean, seriously, this kid should be in Gap ads or something.

Dinner with John and Mandy
Dinner with John and Mandy

Mrs. is there to watch Jack, and I’m sure she doesn’t mind. Who would? We drive to Collingswood to meet Doug and Heather for dinner. Heather was the only girl who couldn’t come to our girls’ night last night because she had Kwanzaa (don’t ask). So we planned for dinner. Figured we’d ask John and Mandy (Mandy and Heather are cousins…is this getting confusing?), and then last night Heather and I both were saying we wanted Kelly to come. I’m so glad she did. It’s this Italian byo place and we’ve all brought a bunch of wine – John some beer. Mandy brought a bottle of white and she’s the only one drinking it. For some reason I always want to get new moms drunk because I think they need it more than anyone. And Mandy is a different person. Sober she is quiet and reserved – drunk she is loud and talkative. I love it.

We have a great time just talking about nothing. Doug got me a Christmas present which was unnecessary but super sweet…a book on writing. He’s quite the writer himself – you’d agree just by reading his fb posts – they’re hilarious. He’s writing his own blog now and I edit it from time to time. It’s very specific, about fishing. I told him to post it on fb but he was all shy and embarrassed which I thought was stupid. But then, people found out, and made fun of him relentlessly, so I totally understand now – boys are not nice.

I’m super tired during dinner. I know I should just leave here and go to sleep, but Michele wants to meet up, and Heather and Mandy want to go out. It’s really not late…I’m just not feeling great and acting like an old lady. Mike isn’t helping. He’s perfectly happy going home and sleeping, too. But I can’t not hang out with my friends. And this is already my last night to go out. Sad.

Mike and Farno
Mike + Farno = Best Friends Forever

To Hollywood it is. If I lived at home, I would hate this bar, but since I don’t, I love it. I know that I will see people from high school here. And it’s super cheap. It’s awesome. We spot Michele and join her at the bar. I will not drink wine here, because it’s awful, so Blue Moon it is! I see a couple people I haven’t seen in forever and one kid from college. Sarah texts asking what I’m up to, and she arrives shortly after.

A bunch of other people arrive, like Farno and his girlfriend Kayla. Mike and Farno have been best friends forever. People used to joke that they were gay. He will probably get mad at me for saying that, but I think it’s awesome how close they are. Seriously. It’s adorable. Most guys can’t act or care about each other the way they do. And Farno has always been fucking awesome. His girlfriend is a sweetheart, too, not that I know her that well. Hopefully they move to California soon. We’re always recruiting.

*The Lumineers

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