The Night Before Christmas

My ticket home :)
My ticket home 🙂

December may have been the longest month of my life, and now Christmas Eve is dragging ever so slowly by. I was supposed to work today, but not enough people were around so Brick+Mortar ended up closing. Sucks because I booked my flight for 10:15pm only because I thought I’d have work. Bryn (a girl I work with), had the same exact thinking, and also booked her flight for this evening. She called the airline (we’re both flying out of US Airways to Philly, her a half hour after me) to see if we could get on an earlier flight. Only if we want to pay an extra $150, plus the flight has to be no more than six hours before our flight. Welp, the next flight before 10:15 is noon so that’s out.

So here I am, at my apartment all stinking day, just waiting for the SuperShuttle to pick me up. I scheduled it for 7:30. I call. Can you pick me up earlier? 6:20 is perfect. Thank you. There’s no reason to go earlier but I can’t stand sitting here alone any longer. I cleaned the apartment, I packed, I wrote, and I watched way too many episodes of Parenthood to count.

Finally the SuperShuttle arrives. I’m so nervous. I’ve been nervous this whole month. Not nervous; anxious. But I don’t know why it’s so bad. Kelly tells me my feelings of anxiety could also be feelings of excitement, but I can’t tell the difference. That must be it because I am so excited! I wish it didn’t feel like this, though. I’m at my gate within 10 minutes of arriving at LAX. Not too many people around. Only about four hours until my flight. That’s foreverrrrr. I brought a book but I can’t read right now. I brought a notebook but I can’t write either. I talk on GirlTalk and listen to my ipod. After a while I get up to charge my phone and begin pacing. So much nervous energy, I can’t sit still. Finally, Bryn arrives and to the bar we go. Maybe a few drinks will help me sleep on the plane. Wine for Bryn and tequila and tonic for me. It’s delicious! You should try it. Naturally, we talk about work, bitching about things while at the same time saying how much we love working there. I wish you were on my flight. If you were on my flight I would think I’m less likely to die. We continue talking and have another drink. Bryn takes out her ticket and studies it. “Wait, my flight is 10:15! We’re on the same flight!” Haha dummy. Thank God.

We pay for our drinks and head to our gate. Bryn laughs at my nervousness because of course I fear missing our flight. We stand waiting, waiting. There’s been a delay. Of course there has. Again, it seems like forever until we’re finally boarding. I take notice of the many children with their families. Good. More kids always make me feel better about flying. I approach my seat and see there is a girl sitting there. There’s a lady in the aisle seat, and this chick is in my seat by the window. Oh, I think you’re in my seat. This bitch knows she’s in my seat. She kind of just looks at me. “Would you mind sitting in the middle?” Um, no, I’m not sitting in the middle. She then gives me a look like I’m being rude. My face gets so hot. It’s my fucking seat and somehow I’m the bad guy. Hey, girl, you know when you book your flight you can pick your seat? Yea, I picked this seat so obviously I want to sit here. Does anybody want to sit in the middle? No. So don’t ask me to. I know I shouldn’t let things like this bother me, but they just do.

At the airport with Bryn... we can't wait to be home!
At the airport with Bryn… we can’t wait to be home!

A black family sits in front of me. Good looking mom and dad with a baby boy and a girl about 3 or 4 years old decked out from head to toe in all pink. She is so excited. “We’re on a plane!!! We’re on a plane!!!” It’s very cute. I figure she’ll get tired and fall asleep, but I swear, this girl is up the entire plane ride and loves every second of it. I know she’s up because I’m up. I can’t for the life of me fall asleep even though I’m so tired. I drifted off for maybe the first hour but there’s no hope of falling back asleep. I’m so thirsty but I don’t want to keep drinking my water because then I’ll have to pee and I don’t want to make the people next to me get up. I’m also starving. I ate dinner at 4:30 and I guess I figured I’d be passed out for the flight. Obviously this is not going as planned. So I sit and listen to my ipod (because there are no TV’s), and try to not keep looking at the time because it’s crawling by.

Once we land it’s more waiting. Girl in pink is still screaming about being on a plane. She starts talking to me very shyly and then gets all into it. “Knock knock.” Who’s there? She mumbles something and giggles as she ducks behind her seat. I look at her dad because maybe he can tell me what she said. He sort of shakes his head. “She’s just happy you played along. She has no idea what else to say, but you said, ‘who’s there.'” I laugh. But seriously, get me off this plane.

Bryn is waiting for me when I finally walk out. We both say how we didn’t sleep at all and somehow are still wired. Head to baggage claim and wait. And wait. So much waiting. Mike texts that he’s here. Bryn and I walk out and don’t see him anywhere. Holy fuck it’s freezing. Oh my God, it’s so cold. How did I live here for so long?

Mike can’t find us. It’s fine. At this point I think I’ll never be home. We finally see him. Hooray! I ask him to drop Bryn off in the parking lot because her car is there (she has another couple hours to drive in PA). We say our goodbyes and Mike and I are off. I can’t believe I’m actually here! The closer we get to home the more excited I get. Mike starts pointing out landmarks to me as if I’ve never been here before. We’re on our way to our first stop: LMonny’s. I finally get to meet Brand!

*Amy Grant

2 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas

  1. Lol… why does it make you feel better if kids are on the plane? That girl was rude with the middle seat thing… seriously, what did she think you were going to say?

    1. THANK YOU! Lol…two things: if a kid isn’t scared to fly, why should I be? And if there are kids on the plane I just feel like we’re less likely to crash and die.

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