Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas tree at CityWalk
The Christmas tree at CityWalk

Mike is flying to Philly for work on December 16th and will be there until the 21st. Lucky bastard. He gets to spend time with his family and friends the week before Christmas. I’m so jealous. That also means we don’t have much time to do Christmas-y things together, because when he gets back I have to work every night before Christmas.

So, it’s a week filled with Christmas before he leaves. Together we watch The Family Stone and It’s a Wonderful Life. I cry during both. If Mike wasn’t next to me I’m sure I’d be balling, but I try to contain myself. I bake so many cookies. I hang our stockings and hang Christmas lights everywhere. (I also watch A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Santa Claus is coming to Town.) Friday night we go to CityWalk. It’s very Christma-fied. There’s decorations and Christmas music blaring through the speakers and a huge tree that looks likes it’s snowing all down it! Only bad thing is it’s rainy and cold. Like really cold; colder than it’s been all year. My teeth are chattering. Mike didn’t even wear a jacket. He needs one anyway, for Philly, so he buys one on sale at Billabong along with a blue beanie. Earlier today I bought us each a pair of running sneakers from K-Swiss (because they’re going out of business and employees at Brick+Mortar get an extra discount. I couldn’t pass up $20 sneakers). Mike walks out of Billabong with his new jacket, new hat, new sneakers and he’s giggling like a little kid. He gets so excited to wear new things. This must be too much for him to handle.

That's a big piece of sushi!
That’s a big piece of sushi!

Next we have dinner at Wasabi. I love sushi. Why does the wine at sushi restaurants always suck? Oh well, we drink the cheap Cabernet, anyway. Whenever I eat with Mike I always feel like I have to keep up with him. He eats so fast, and if there’s food in front of him, he has to eat it. We’re kind of in a silly mood. I take down notes for my blog, so after everything Mike says he adds, “Put that in your notes.” It’s Friday night and he’s had a long week of work. He starts to say, “I can’t wait…” I think he’s going to say something very exciting. But no. “I can’t wait to sleep!” We both start laughing.

Saturday night we go out again. What?! That’s crazy, we never go out, especially not two nights in a row, and especially not on the weekend! But I switched my shift with someone because tonight is Mike’s friend Phil’s birthday/ugly sweater party. My first ugly sweater party. Mike worked with Phil’s girlfriend Manal at Red Varden, and he’s hung out with them a few times since. He talks about them a lot – especially Phil. All they do is talk about movies. Mike has something of a man crush on him. (He reminds him of Farno, so it’s no wonder.) It’s at Manal’s apartment in the Pico-Robertson area (I thought they were just cross streets, but apparently, that’s what the area is called). Phil and Manal are awesome and so nice. We plan to have a movie date soon. I also meet Phil’s cousin Lauren who is equally entertaining. We sit and drink and talk, unfortunately right next to the party mix. We keep grabbing handfuls and by the end of the night the bowl is in my lap.

Ugly Sweater Party with Mike, Phil, and Manal
Ugly Sweater Party with Mike, Phil, and Manal

Troy and Jason show up later. Merry Christmas! It’s good to see them. It’s always too long between hanging out. I can’t believe how late it’s getting. Who’s going to drive home? Neither of us want to. “Let’s rock-paper-scissor for it.” OK, 2-out-of-3? “OK.” 1-2-3 shoot! I throw paper, Mike throws scissors. Damn it. 1-2-3 shoot! I throw rock, Mike throws paper. God dammit! No, I’m not driving home. OK, fine. A bottle of water it is. I’m on my second bottle when we’re out the door. It’s 1:30am. Mike passes out on the ride home and I’m glad I had to stop drinking and switch to water. I needed it.

We pass out immediately when we get home. It feels like I blinked and Mike is waking me up to drive to the airport. He has to be there at 6:30am. I give him a big hug and as usual, try not to get upset. It’s OK, he’ll be back in 5 days.

*The Classic Brown

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