Christmas is Here (Right When we Need it to Be)

Christmas in Venice
Christmas in Venice

It’s that time of year again. My favorite time of year. CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas. I can’t believe it’s December already. Actually, I can. I’ve been counting down the days to December since Halloween. It just makes me happy. A commercial comes on with a Christmas theme and I gasp. Christmas! Mike doesn’t get it. “Why do you love Christmas so much?” For some reason, the way he asks makes me really think about it. Why do I love Christmas so much?

Besides the obvious reasons of the family all being together and people everywhere being so gosh darn nice, and giving the perfect gift to a person, and traditions, and of course the music and the movies, I think I figured it out. Sometimes, it’s so fun to watch a home video. It’s kind of amazing how I have seen this video so many times before, but every time I watch it, I love it even more. Like reenacting the Christmas SNL skit of Mary Catherine Gallagher with LMonny and Michele, or the entire field hockey team banging on my back door drooling over our team dinner because Dad locked them out, or LMonny doing her own version of All That’s skit, “Ask Ashley,” and Mallory cracking up in the background, or Grandma Stetson getting so frustrated with a game we got her and Dad completely failing at trying to conceal his laughter, or Dad walking around with the camera being goofy and Mom scolding him for not “backing it up,” or the entire extended family hysterically laughing at Stephen for his quick solo at the part, “Twelve drummers drumming.” The list goes on. My point is, Christmas is a home video you get to  live each December. You haven’t seen this video yet, but they’re all so similar that they bleed together and it feels the same. Christmas has always been magical, and it’s never disappointed me. Things change and we grow up, but Christmas stays the same.

Last year was my first Christmas away from home. It was Christmas in California. I thought it was going to be horrible, but it just wasn’t, because Christmas is everywhere. Cheesy, I know, but true. Sure, I had some sad moments, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be. We Skyped and talked on the phone with the families, and oh my God, I’ve never gotten so many packages in my life! It was so nice. I decorated our roach-infested apartment and the boys even surprised me with a tree, even though none of them really cared all that much (why spend money on a tree when we’re broke?). Christmas Day with Phyllis and Ron in San Diego far exceeded my expectations. They are amazing and total Christmas fanatics. We had so much fun talking with them and all their friends. And I got to hear all about Aunt Jody and things I never knew. It was so great that I didn’t have time to get sad.

This year can only be better. Mike and I are settled and we’re working and we have lives (and dare I say, friends). We’re in such a better place than we were last year. Bring on the holiday season.

*Santa’s Little Helper

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