Land of Hope and Dreams

The Federal in North Hollywood

Can’t believe it’s already been one year in California. It’s gone so fast. Thinking back to how things were when we first got here to how they are now, we’ve come a long way. By we, I don’t just mean me and Mike, but Troy and Sonny, too.

Mike had no job for a while, then an unpaid internship which led to part-time work on a few different shows, and now he’s working on an entire season of Auction Hunters. (He also had a job offer at NFL films after they turned him down, but was already working his new job). I got a bartending job fast. The bar closed, and now I’m waitressing at what might be might favorite place so far. More importantly, I found a writing group that keeps me motivated and inspired. I wrote and produced a commercial, and I’m taking improv classes. Mike and I are living together by ourselves for the first time. (You better believe I’m including that in our list of accomplishments.)

Sonny got a good job. Actually, he just got a raise, and he’s living down in Huntington Beach. Troy – well besides the obvious – has been a writing machine. He realized he wants to be in this business and has been working full-time at the same internship where Mike started.

Naturally, the four of us go out to celebrate together. We meet at our apartment. Sonny arrives first and tells us about his raise. Then comes Troy and Jason. Troy got a job! Today! He’s the second assistant for some big-time producer. I’d like to say I tell him congratulations but I get in a fight with him instead. I know, typical.

I text him on Sunday asking if he’d watched the commercial and let him know it was on my Facebook page (you know, the commercial he was in with me?). He didn’t get back to me. I text him again a couple days later. So, no response? “Sorry, it’s been a hectic week.”

I wait for the follow-up text but no, nothing. So now, Friday, I’m seeing him. I don’t want to get mad yet. I just want to hear what he thought of it. So Troy, I guess you didn’t really like the commercial since you haven’t said anything about it. “Ahh yea, it has been such a crazy week.” OK….so what did you think? “I haven’t seen it yet.” And now I’m mad. Are you serious? “What? No, how did it turn out?” How have you not watched it yet?? “I already told you, it was a really busy week. So how is it?” You’re unbelievable. There’s no point in talking to you about it if you haven’t even seen it. “Why is it such a big deal? I didn’t have time.” IT’S 30 SECONDS! He mumbles something, being nonchalant about the whole thing. And you don’t even care! He knows I want an apology, but there’s no way he’ll give me one. “Yea, well….” And that’s it.

This all takes place in my car. Mike is driving, Troy in the passenger seat, me, Sonny, and Jason across the back. Now it’s quiet. The others pretty much let us just go at it, not wanting to get involved. Mike said something about it being important to me but Troy didn’t hear him. Mike of course breaks the silence because he can’t stand for things to be awkward. Probably talks about Fantasy or something.

Post-bar photo at the apartment with Sonny, Mike, and Troy

Troy is infuriating. I can write anything because it’s not like he’ll read this. If he can’t spare 30 seconds for a commercial he certainly won’t take the time to click on this link and read it. I’m more hurt than anything, but usually all of my emotions turn into anger. This was the first thing I wrote and produced. It was a big deal to me. I was so thankful to have Troy in it, because he said yes from the beginning and I could count on him. But now, it just feels like he’s not being supportive. And I mean, c’mon, if you were in something – a commercial, a TV show, a home video for Christ’s sake – wouldn’t you want to see it? I just don’t get him sometimes (most times).

I let it go – a very difficult thing for me to do. It’s not what tonight is about. Tonight is a celebration. Even if I hate Troy I still love him. The four of us make our way to North Hollywood. We definitely have some memories here. Weird how the terrible situations we dealt with now seem almost funny. First stop Big Wangs, then The Federal across the street. Our very first night out we did this same thing. It was one of the very few times any of us went out. Sonny says something random, as usual. Sonny, I don’t get half the shit that comes out of your mouth. Mike and Troy chuckle at this, but Sonny is confused. (I think he thinks he’s normal.) Either way, he can be quite entertaining.

I go around asking them what they’ve done in the year since we’ve been here, which I’ve basically listed above. Troy tells us all about his new job and the guy he’s going to be working for. Sounds like it will be long hours and hard work. It really sounds like The Devil Wears Prada. Troy is Anne Hathaway and his boss is Meryl Streep. Scary, but still exciting.

I don’t get crazy because I have to drive home. The boys are going to a party in Malibu after this, anyway. It’s fun, and I’m really glad we were all able to hang out. (I’m also glad I didn’t go with them to the party. It was one of the kids Troy interns with, and the cops showed up pretty much as soon as they arrived.)

Just the fact that we’re still able to live in California, I’d say it was a successful year. In this next year, though, I have big plans. I’ll save that for my New Year’s resolution.

*Bruce Springsteen

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