Don’t Worry Baby

Celebratory dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette

Tara is pregnant! So happy I can finally tell the world. I’ve been keeping it a secret since she told me through gchat on September 7th. We had already been chatting for a while before she dropped the bomb. “Hey, do you have a minute? There is something I do wanna talk to you about. But it’s a big one.” Yes, def. “This is basically as big as they come so I really need this to be between you and me.” OK. I promise. Are you pregnant? “Haha you are funny.” Lol it was the first thing I thought. “I am… actually.. and we weren’t even trying. So.. the night of your birthday thing I didn’t have to work late. I happened to realize I was a week late and took a pregnancy test at work that was positive. Then I proceeded to pass out and throw up.”


“I missed my pill a few days in August and.. bam.” Wow Tara you must be fertile. “You aren’t fucking kidding.” Shit that’s scary, I’m going to take my birth control right now. “I was late and I said to Rich.. well I know I’m not prego.” Oh wow. “And he was like, ‘yea, no way.’ And then a week went by. And I got a test.” Oh my God. “Then I shit my pants.” I can’t believe it. “I almost didn’t even look at the results, I was that sure.” Wow.

To say this news was shocking is an understatement. It’s been getting more and more exciting every day and I’m so excited I can be here with Tara through the whole thing. It’s just funny because Tara and I are those people who say how crazy it is that everyone is having babies. And the idea of giving birth sounds horrible. But here we are. Well, here she is.

“How’s Lauren btw?” Actually I’m waiting for her right now to Skype. I’m going to meet Brand. I kinda don’t want to tell you now…but she’s had a rough post-pregnancy…hemorrhoids, problems breast feeding, flu symptoms. But through it all she still seems happy. “Man. What kind of problems breast feeding?” I don’t know or understand any of this stuff…I just know her boobs are really sore. “Yucko.” Yes. We were supposed to talk ten minutes ago but I guess we’re on Brand time. Sheesh. Babies. They ruin everything. “Haha. Stetson sarcasm.”

So two months later, Rich, Tara, Mike and I are getting together for a celebratory dinner. They were supposed to find out the sex of the baby today. They weren’t going to look at it until dinner and do the reveal with us, but the baby was upside down and they couldn’t tell. Still warrants a celebration! I don’t get to see them enough. Tara and I had lunch the other day and it was my first time seeing her pregnant. She looks great, even though she “feels so bloated and fat.”

They recommend the place – Blue Plate Oysterette. It’s on Ocean Ave, close to us. I’ve passed it a million times and have heard the food is good. It’s loud and crowded and bright. The hostess seats us in a cozy, corner booth and our server is super friendly. Mike is arriving late (of course, from a long day at work), so we get started with the mussels. Rich and Tara have been raving about them. “Lindsay, you are not going to believe how good these are.” The bowl arrives and Rich won’t even let me eat a mussel. “Here, Lindsay, just take a piece of bread and dip it in the broth. It’s heaven.” I can’t remember if he actually said heaven or if that’s just how good I thought it tasted, but yum! It’s delicious. Mike walks in shortly after that and we have a lovely dinner. I say lovely because we’re always in good company with these two.

Birdie! Look how cute she is!

Tara quit her job (on good terms), and is thinking of going back to school. I’m so happy for her. She worked long hours and was stressed out a lot. She doesn’t need that right now. Or ever. We talk excitedly about Thanksgiving while Rich and Mike talk about…well I have no idea, I’m very excited for Thanksgiving! We’re going to Rich and Tara’s again, but this time not at their house. Instead, we’ll be making the trip down to Palm Springs. This year not only am I making pineapple pudding, but also a chocolate chip pecan pie and homemade cookies. Mmmm, I love Thanksgiving.

It will be a full house with Marcus and his brother, Tara’s sister Regina and her boyfriend, Suzy and her boyfriend, and I think two other people. And of course the dogs! Clyde will be there right by Marcus’ side, and Birdie! Rich and Tara’s new puppy. I go over there the following week to meet her and fall in love immediately. She is the sweetest, friendliest, happiest, most adorable thing in the world. So now, Rich and Tara have a dog and a baby on the way. I see dogsitting and babysitting in my future!

*The Beach Boys

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