Don’t Look Back in Anger

Hollywood with Meg

Megan is here! Specifically in Hollywood for a nurses’ convention. It’s only for a few days, and we plan to meet up Thursday night. I have off the whole day and Mike has the car, so I’ll take the bus close to her. It’ll probably take an hour and a half. She feels bad and says we can meet somewhere in between, but she’s in lectures and meetings or whatever she’s doing all day and won’t get done until late – it’s really not a problem Meg!

I suggest the Cat & Fiddle. Mike and I went there once for a Red Varden staff Christmas party. It was literally Mike’s first week there. I liked the place, and it’s less than a mile from Meg’s hotel, so she and the four nurses she’s here with could even walk there. She texts me earlier in the day. “I’m thinking we’re going to have dinner first then head over to The Grove. I’ll confirm it with everyone and let you know.” At around 4pm I text her because since I’m taking the bus and leaving early, I need to know the plan. “Leaving conference at 5:30, back to hotel to get changed, then eating dinner, then going to The Grove. I’m guessing we’ll get there by 7:30 or so. Will that be OK for you?” This is totally fine with me. The Grove is a cool spot, like an outside mall with shops and restaurants. Not really any bars though. I’m not sure if Meg knows that, so I tell her. It doesn’t matter to me, I just wasn’t sure if you knew that…I need clothes for work so I might do some shopping if I get there before you! “Alright I’ll call you when we’re getting done dinner and heading over.”

OK, we have our plan. …Or do we? We talk on the phone briefly to solidify the plans. Meg asks me for the Cat & Fiddle address (I think so they know where it is in reference to their hotel). I text her. It’s .7 miles from the hotel, so a 15 minute walk. And it should take about 10 minutes driving from The Grove to Cat & Fiddle, so everything is pretty close.

We text a few more times, me about taking the bus and her talking about the subway. I’ve never even taken the subway in California! I text her at 6:32. Where are you now? “Just walked out of the subway, where are you?” A few stops away. “We’re all going to our rooms to change, then heading over.” Oh, I thought you meant you were here lol.

And there it is. Our first miscommunication. “Oh no, I’m sorry, we had all our bags and stuff from the conference and needed to change. We’ll be as quick as we can, see you soon!” Sounds good! I get off at my stop and walk to The Grove. I’ve only been here during the day – it’s super pretty at night. Meg will love this. I window shop, mostly because everything is so expensive. Finally I walk into Nordstrom’s, and am excitedly overwhelmed by all the shoes. I need boots for work. Half hour later, Meg texts me. “Are you there?” Yea, I’m in Nordstrom’s. Def going to walk out of here with at least one pair of shoes! After I do one walk-around, I come back to a pair of brown ankle boots I spotted earlier. I really like them. That moment where I look under the shoe to see the price is always one where I’m holding my breath. The original $169.99 has been crossed off and a new price of $99.99 is circled. OK, I need to try these on. I ask the guy for 7’s. They’re way too big. Weird. My guy isn’t around, so I look at the sample boot, and it’s a size 6. Try it on, and it fits. Are my feet shrinking? When he comes back, I tell him I want them. He goes in the back to look, and returns with bad news. “I don’t have any more in that size.” I’m confused. But I just tried one on? “Yea, I just don’t have any other ones beside the display.” I wave my hand. Oh, I don’t care about that! Bring it on. There’s a little trouble locating the other boot, and when he finally does, I’m thrilled about this purchase. On sale and the last pair in my size?! C’mon.

Lip Sync Contest freshman year, 1998

I look at my phone and see a missed text and call from Megan. “OMG was just calling you. We’re inside at a table to the right of the bar.” I laugh to myself. There’s more than one bar at The Grove (well, not bars, but restaurants that have bars). I text her back. Lol which bar. “Inside…I only see one bar.” You’re at The Grove?” And now she’s calling me. They’re at the Cat & Fiddle and I want to strangle her. How???? I don’t understand why you’re there. How, from our entire conversation, did you end up there???? Meg is confused and then feels horrible. She thought we were going to Cat & Fiddle first, then The Grove. Meg, The Grove is closing soon. There’s no point in even coming here now. We go back and forth trying to figure out how this happened, and then I’m just quiet because there’s no point in talking about it. I have to figure out how to get there. We hang up after Meg apologizes a million times.

I do not want to be mad at her. Lindsay, do not be mad. It’s fine. Get a cab. It can’t be too expensive because it’s not that far. Too bad I have no idea how to get a cab. I ask a bunch of people, and am finally sent across the street to an area where “cabs come.” There’s no sign, no nothing. I stand there for a while. This is stupid. Call a cab. “Address?” Umm..I’m at the corner of something and something. “I need an address.” OK, well I’m at The Grove which is 189 The Grove Dr in LA but I’m across the street standing on the corner. And these are the cross streets.. “OK, we’ll send you a cab.” I get the text that my cab is arriving, but no cab arrives. Now I’m getting cold. I call again and explain what happened. A different lady assures me a new cab is now on the way. Wait a while. Nothing. Finally run across the street and hail a cab. Ugh. On the 15 minute ride I yell at myself for being mad. Let it go. Meg’s in California! This is the one night you get to see her. You had off today, anyway. It’s not a big deal.

But as soon as I walk in and she yells my name and runs over, I can’t help myself, I give her a look. I’m such an asshole. She’s so innocent. “I’m sorry!  But isn’t it most important that we’re together now? Aren’t you happy to see me??” I can’t help but smile and give her a hug. I quickly get over it, but not until she sees that it was perfectly clear that we were supposed to meet at The Grove. Because I can’t be the one who messed this up. Not really sure why that matters so much, but it’s definitely a thing. We walk over to a table and I meet her four colleagues, all very nice ladies. They’re super apologetic and we don’t even know each other. And they pay for my food and two glasses of wine, which is beyond amazing. Her one friend doesn’t really understand my eagerness to live here, while I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t want to live here. Her other friend has the most contagious laugh and has me in stitches talking about a woman she encountered on the bus. I could tell it, but her version in person is so much better – mostly because of her laugh.

Meg’s one colleague isn’t feeling well, so they all walk back after dinner. Meg stays with me. Mike is picking me up, so he can drop Meg off at the hotel. Everything is working out perfectly now. We move to the bar and “catch up” as much as we can. It’s weird. We have GirlTalk, and we all talk every day, but in person there are so many other things to talk about. More stuff. The good stuff. I wish we could hang out longer, but she has to be up at 8am for a conference.


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