Venice Beach in October

Working Sunday, Tuesday, and a double every Saturday now. Not bad. Not great – I’d like one more shift, but I’m sure there will be times for me to pick up. My two managers are Brian and Devin. Devin is great. I can ask her anything and she’s always available to help. Brian is…difficult to explain. I’ll use an example.

Tuesday I forget that we do $2 off draft beers all night and accidentally ring in two beers for the regular price. Brian is working tonight, so I have to ask him to void it for me. He just stares. This makes me really uncomfortable. I’m sorry…can you void it for me? He continues staring at me. “No.” Ummmm. Please? He takes my checkbook and throws it in on the ground, then walks away. OK, right. This is going to be fun. My table isn’t leaving yet, so it’s not an immediate problem, but I still need him to void it eventually. I ask him a little later. So, Brian. I smile at him. Can you please void those drinks for me? He stares. It won’t happen again. Stare. It’s just my first Tuesday on my own and I didn’t think about it as soon as I walked in….rambling now, because he has no response and just keeps staring at me. Finally, he turns to the computer and sighs heavily, voiding my drinks.

Later, he has to get into the computer as I’m putting in an order. He has no patience. “Oh my God, I’m going to miss a birthday.” This line is his favorite line. He says it all the time. I’m trying not to let him bother me, and not to talk back. I could, and we could banter, and that would be OK, but I’d really like to have some level of professionalism here.

Back in Hoboken, I had two bosses. David and Cory both owned the bar, both in their 30’s. In the beginning, I thought Cory was a dick, and David was awesome. Cory was always acting so….like a boss. He never joked around with me. It was all business all the time. David would talk about things other than work, he’d joke around with me and I could joke with him. But sometimes, he would pull rank, and it wasn’t OK for me to talk back to him. Here I thought we were just talking. So I never knew what I could and could not say around him. By the end I loved Cory. We respected each other and I knew exactly what to expect from him.

Brian isn’t anything like David, but it just reminds me that the best way to act toward a manager is sincere and respectful. I’m trying to make it all about business, but he’s making it difficult. The good thing is that he’s like this with everyone, and everyone deals with it in their own way. My natural instinct is to talk back and try to one-up him. It’s going to be a challenge. Zinque hasn’t put me on the schedule for two weeks. It was perfect timing because it was right as I started working more at Brick+Mortar, but still I was annoyed that they just took me off the schedule without telling me. So I email them.

Hey Ayse and Emmanuel,
Since I haven’t been on the schedule for the past two weeks, I take this as your way of firing me without really firing me? It’s fine, we weren’t a very good fit and I have no hard feelings. Could you just send my cash tips and last check to my apartment? If that’s a problem, let me know a good time to come in.

Good luck to you both,
Lindsay Stetson

Ayse’s response:

I will for sure mail you your check and cash tips. Sorry it did not work out and we wish you the best. tnx!

So there you have it. Kind of hilarious that she still did not address the fact that they took me off the schedule completely, but at least she was amicable. And I didn’t have to burn any bridges.

*Diana Ross

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