Take the Money and Run

Thursday night I train with Brian. Server Brian, not manager Brian. I only met him once when I was hostessing so I feel extra awkward following him around the bar, shadowing his every move. Since the end of the night is slow, we have time to talk about things others than work. Brian is 28 and used to pitch for the Colorado Rockies. Through his contacts in the baseball world, he landed a role in the movie Moneyball (someone at the end of the film hits a homerun off Brian’s pitch). He got to hang out with Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman, and he is still close with Chris Pratt. That is so cool. You are so cool. Brian got paid five grand to fly out on location for a long weekend and hang out with some awesome actors. Lucky man.

Now he works in commercial real estate full-time and spends three nights a week serving at Brick+Mortar. “You in school around here?” No. I’m an actor and a writer. Brian knows about acting – his girlfriend has been in the business her whole life. She started as a kid in soap operas and had a guest role on Boy Meets World. How’s it going for her now? “It’s hard. It comes in waves.” Yea. I want to do commercials. “I have a commercial agent.” Of course you do. “I’ve been with Abrams Artists for years. “Are you serious? He’s not even an actor. But he is. And he’s modest about it. “I haven’t had anything in a long time. I get callbacks, but I never actually get it.” And yet, he was in a national spot for Playstation. I start telling him about Groundlings and how I can’t afford to take the class yet. “How much is it?” $500. “I’ll give you $500.” I laugh. He’s not laughing. “I don’t care, you can just pay me back when you have it.” That’s insane. You don’t even know me. He shrugs his shoulders. Silly.

Friday night is my last training shift! With Courtney. She basically kicks my ass. I feel frustrated, but it’s all good; Saturday I will finally be on my own. I hostess in the morning until 4pm, then I’m back in at 7 to close. I’m given a very, very small section of only three tables and they’re all two tops, so I’m a little bored for a while. As it gets later, more servers are cut, opening up more tables for me. I never get really busy, but when I count my tips at the end of the night I have $112. Cash. In my pocket. Finally, a bar where I can walk home with my tips. It’s a start!

*Steve Miller Band

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