Car Wash

Laying on the beach, talking on the phone to Kel

Friday Mike has off. Mike off means car access. Ralph’s trip for sweet hot…we’re running low. I get five bottles. I think for a minute and grab a sixth. I know, ridiculous, but I don’t normally shop at Ralph’s. I really only go there for sweet hot, so I might as well stock up. I’m addicted. I go to Bevmo, too, trying to find some good pumpkin beer. Make my way to the back and it’s slim pickings: Sam Adams Octoberfest, some Blue Moon nonsense, Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin, Shipyard Pumpkin Head. There’s one big bottle of something that looks enticing, but it’s like 8 bucks for the bottle and I don’t feel like splurging on that. I grab the Shipyard because I’ve never heard of it and maybe it’s good. Head up to the cash register.

Hi, is that the only section back there with pumpkin beer. This guy is clueless. “Oh yea, we got pumpkin beer. There’s Blue Moon…and Sam Adams.” Yea, but is there anything else than that section. A girl he works with walks up and he asks her. She starts to repeat what he says, except she adds that, “we have a lot of pumpkin beer.” No, you don’t. You have shit. The beer guy isn’t in today, so they take down my contact information. I write my name, number, email address and Dogfish? Weyerbacher?

Once home I head to the beach. Awesome to be laying on the beach at the end of September. Definitely a first. It’s gorgeous out here. I bring one of the Shipyard beers. It tastes like a gingerbread cookie. So… not good. At least I get a lot of writing done. And of course some sun.

Later, Mike and I get the car washed. It’s not that a car wash is so expensive. It’s more that our car gets so dirty and gross just from sitting in our parking spot. I don’t get it. Every car in our parking lot is covered with dirt and sand. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s almost not worth it to get it washed. Mike found this do-it-yourself one right down the road in Santa Monica. Really cheap. First station is the vacuum cleaner. $1 gives you four minutes. I take take all the car mats out and line them up on the ground. As soon as I put the quarters in, I’m vacuuming as fast as I can. Let’s do this in four minutes! I’m everywhere in that car: on the floor, seats, floor mats. We’re good when the time is up. Next is the washing. I get the hose; Mike gets the scrubber. The hose starts with a rinse, then the next button you press makes this green stuff come out of it – it’s for the tires. I soak them. Then it’s another cleaner for the rest of the car. Mike and I work simultaneously. Then comes the rinsing off. Once Mike changes the setting, the hose becomes super powerful. I love this! Mike keeps scrubbing as I rinse the car. Of course I think of spraying him, but I think it might actually hurt, it’s so powerful. Finally, we’re on to the dry station. Towels come out of a machine for 75 cents. We get two. Mike thinks they suck. “This is just like a paper towel. Next time we’re bringing paper towels.” Mike, it’s not like a paper towel. We just dried the whole car with two of them. We’d have to use like a whole roll of paper towels. “This was a waste of money.” It was $1.50. Whatever, either way, this car wash was less than $7. We usually can’t get something for less than 25. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun. Belle is most certainly not as clean as she could be if we went to a car wash, but she’s looking pretty good.

As soon as we pull out of the car wash, he realizes he can’t move the seat up. It’s lowered really far back from when I was vacuuming the seats. “It won’t move up.” I watch him struggle, not understanding why the seat won’t move. He looks gangsta as he drives with the seat far back. He doesn’t like it. Keeps trying to move it but nothing’s happening. Mike, we’re close to Staples, just wait until we get there. You can go in and I’ll try to figure out the seat. While Mike’s in Staples, I get out of the car and go over to the driver’s side. Find the lever, and the seat pops right back into place. Hmm. Can’t help but laugh. He comes back to the car, amazed. “How did you fix it?” I just pulled the lever on the side. Mike realizes he was pulling on something else the whole time. We both get a good laugh. Still haven’t realized it’s purpose.

On to get the oil changed, then back to the apartment. It’s pathetic – we were gone for a couple hours and feel like we’ve accomplished so much. I do, anyway. Love checking things off my to-do list. It’s perfect that we both have off tonight. Mom tried to send me a food package for my birthday, but there ended up being a lot of issues with this place and sending on time and to the right address. Long story short, it arrived this afternoon, so Mike and I get a proper meal! Mom won’t stop apologizing for it coming late. No matter how much I tell her it’s OK, or it’s better that we’re getting it now, she has to keep saying sorry. IT’S OK, MOM. Starters of brie and raspberry wrapped in phyllo dough, then Ahi tuna steaks and green bean casserole. Tuna is generally easy – coat with olive oil, salt and pepper, and sear rare (Mike likes his cooked more). It’s the green bean casserole that puts us both over the edge. It’s rich, and not something we’re used to eating. Naturally, we eat all four servings between the two of us. I feel sick. Mike does, too. This feeling basically reminds me of the way I feel every major holiday. All I want to do is nothing. We lay in bed the rest of the night catching up on shows and starting a new one – American Horror Story. Let me just say this – it’s fucking weird. And I can’t stop watching it.

I like today.

*Rose Royce

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