Let’s Go to Bed

Bed with Dad: Stephen, Chris, Sarah and Court; July 28, 1991

Just another night, laying in bed with Mike before we fall asleep. The TV is on. We watched an episode of Wilfred and now the screen is mostly black with the little pause sign in the bottom left corner. It’s dark, but still brighter than if the TV was off.

I don’t know how you can fall asleep with the TV on. “It’s not on.” Yes it is. “It’s still dark.” Not dark enough. “Well then sleep on your side.” (As if turning my head away from the TV will change the lighting in the room.) I’ve realized that I’m most comfortable on my back. Like, it feels comfortable to start on my side but then I realize I’m not relaxed. I move in every position during the night but I think I fall asleep best on my back.

Mike. “Oh sorry.” You weren’t listening to me. “No, I’m sorry… you know what I was thinking about?” What. “Your parents still have a waterbed.” I start to giggle. It’s funny that he’s randomly saying this but it’s more funny that my parents do still have a waterbed. Why did you just think of that? “I don’t know, we were talking about falling asleep and I was thinking that they sleep on a waterbed every night.” That’s true. It is funny that they have a waterbed. “My Aunt Connie used to have one and I would face plant into it.” I laugh more. I think of waterbeds as from the 80’s or something. Who still sleeps on a waterbed? It’s so weird. “Do you think your parents like it?” Yea. I’ve slept in it before. Well not all night, but I’ve taken a nap. And it was comfortable. “Are they heavy sleepers? I’m giggling again. My Mom isn’t.

Mike and his mom

More giggling. “What?” I just picture my Dad coming in late from work and my Mom is already asleep, and he gets into bed and starts like, making waves. My Mom definitely has to wake up when he does that.

I remember laying in the bed and my Mom was at the foot of the bed folding laundry or organizing her clothes or something and it was sort of bouncing me up and down. Like, barely, but I felt like I could fall asleep right then. It was soothing. Mike is barely responding now. He’s already falling asleep. There is no goodnight or a kiss or I love you, just passing out. I lay there for a while. Finally I get up, pee, get some more water, and turn off the TV. It’s another hour and a half until I fall asleep. Why? Because I’m thinking about how to make both of my Conversations in Cars scripts better, and also stressing about how and when I will leave Zinque. Because that is definitely happening.

*The Cure

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