Write it Right

Wake up to post-it notes on the mirror from Allie, 2005

Writer’s group again! It seems to be coming quicker each week as I have more and more to write. Had to do some major edits on the script they approved with Doug and Heather and also write a completely new script for Conversations in Cars.

I walk into Dane’s apartment, and there sitting on his coffee table is a four-pack of Dogfish Punkin Ale. I gasp with delight. Seriously. “This is for being the only one to get everything to me and on time.” He told me he was going to get me pumpkin beer but I haven’t been able to find Dogfish anywhere. Thanks teacher! This is so exciting. I pick up the four pack. They’re cold! Score, I can drink one now. Zack, Lys, and Ray are all sitting there, probably weird-ed out by my excitement for pumpkin beer. The first sip is oh my God amazing. I’m so happy.

For Conversations in Cars, I decided to go with three drunk girls picked up from a party by their sober friend in college. Unlike my first script, this one is not based on any one person or a prior experience. I was though, inspired by my college days in a very general sense. A lot of drunken nights, a lot of stupidity. The picture above is from my junior year in college. Lived in a dorm with Allie and McConville. We didn’t get to go out much because of field hockey, so when we did it was an event. I wake up and stumble to the mirror to brush my teeth. Allie has already left for an early class, and she’ll be gone for the rest of the day, so she’s left me reminders. I think it’s so awesome that it even deserves its picture taken. I don’t remember what happened on that particular night; where we went or who we hung out with. Mostly I remember the pre-gaming and hanging out with my girlfriends. They are what made college amazing. (Boys are still stupid at that age, to my huge disappointment.)

So I write this script with no one in mind, but everyone in mind if that makes any sense. I’m excited about it, but of course, writer’s group rips it apart. By the end, I hate it and can’t believe I didn’t see where things needed to be different or better. I’m given good notes. “Every character wants something. Every scene is a negotiation. Too much of the same character. Up the stakes.” Casey tells me to read scripts from whatever genre I’m writing. Anyway, it helps him. I should try it. Dane tells all of us to think outside the box and be more creative. How would Lena Dunham write a Conversations in Cars script? Or Louie C.K.? Or Quentin Tarantino?

I still like the idea for this script, so I’m going to work on it. We don’t have time to go over my edits on Doug and Heather’s script, so Dane promises to send it out to all the people who make the decisions on what gets produced. Whoever “they” may be. Until next week.
*Into it. Over it.

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