Constant Conversations

Heather and Doug

Monday is Writer’s Group. This week I actually had homework – to send Dane one Conversations in Cars scene and a list of things I want to do in production from most to least. Naturally, I started with acting, then writing, editing, cinematography, producing, and directing. The idea for a script came to me right away when we talked about it last week. I came home and told Mike – it will start with a couple fighting. “Why do you always write about couples fighting?” Because it’s what I know!

I would loosely base it on Doug and Heather, because it should be funny, and Doug and Heather always have funny fights. People look forward to their fb feuds. During the week I turn to GirlTalk for help. What would be a good fight for a couple to have that seems ridiculous to anyone listening but a very real fight for the couple. Christie – “Pillows for the couch. I always ask Zack what he thinks and we always argue because he doesn’t like what I like.” LMonny – “Diapers. Sean likes Huggies and I like Pampers.” Kelly – “My mom always gets mad that my dad never fully closes a kitchen cabinet. He leaves them open like one inch and it makes her nuts because how much effort would it be to go the extra inch. … I think it’s because he hates the sound of cabinets closing.”

That’s the one. Colette chimes in later with one. “Greg and I have physical fights over popcorn. It’s the cooking. Greg freaks out about burnt popcorn and so as a result only cooks like half the bag and it’s such a waste and there’s so many kernels. I actually like it a tiny bit burnt and he gets so mad at me. So he’ll try to stop the microwave after like a minute and a half, and I’ll try to restrain him. LMonny also has an idea for another scene. “Kelly and Michele driving around with Kelly doing voices for cars or the stuffed animals that people have in the back of cars.”

I love all the feedback. I get to work on my script and send it to them to see what they think. For the most part, everyone likes it. Not sure how the group will respond. Once I walk into Dane’s apartment he tells me he owes me a pumpkin beer. What?? “You were the only one who sent me a script and the list of things you want to do in production. And I saw you posted about trying to find pumpkin beer.” I love pumpkin beer! Awesome. I like deadlines. It just makes it easy for me to get my shit together. If there’s no deadline, I’m really good at putting things off.

I realize I’ve been nervous all day. Anxiety over what the group will think of my script. We read about seven of them straight through without knowing the author or giving any feedback. There’s a couple I like, but I’m not blown away. They all could use some work. We vote on our three favorite without voting for our own. Mine ties for the most votes!  Dane emails me the next day that we are going to go ahead and produce it, but I have to do some editing first. And write a another one for next week.

*Passion Pit

2 thoughts on “Constant Conversations

  1. I’d like the creative license to ofcourse approve the guy playing the character loosely based on myself. Just need a photo, acting skills are a plus but I’ll leave that to you.

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