At the Stars

Sunday I’m not in until 4:00 for the night shift. Bennette is training me. Again, she is a sweetheart. Super adorable, friendly, confident. We start talking and head back to the office to print menus. She asks about me and I ask about her. She wants to travel. She wants to save money and get out of here. When she says this, I know she’s young. Getting out of your comfort zone and traveling the world are things most people think about right after high school, or right after college. She asks me first how old I am and I’m immediately an old lady. I feel so old right now, especially since she’s training me. I’m 28. She has only positive responses. “Oh, you’re not old.” How old are you? “19.” Oh wow, I’m really old. Bennette doesn’t act like any 19-year-old I know…not that I know many of them these days. I just feel like I could talk to her about anything and we’d be on the same page, even though we’re a generation apart.

Sunday night is slow, so we have a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. Her birthday just passed. So did mine. “I knew that’s why I liked you! We’re both Virgos.” Bennette is really into astrology. “Everything is written in the stars.” I don’t like to reject any ideas anymore, so it’s interesting to hear her perspective. She inadvertently spills some bar gossip, but most of it is about her and her boyfriend, Rocco, who is the bar manager. He’s also my age. Seems like a big age difference but again, she doesn’t seem 19. She says it herself. “My mom has always said I’m an old soul.” I feel like I am, too. Old soul or just old lady, I’m not so sure. Bennette tells me this in depth story about her and Rocco and how they got together. She got done her hostess shift at 11, but Rocco was closing the bar, so she was waiting for him to get done. “I sat at the bar, drinking my Shirley Temple..” Oh my God, you can’t drink! I can’t get over that she’s not 21.

We finish the night on the ipad looking up love matches for Virgo. We both are with guys who are not compatible with us. “Well that’s wrong, we’re perfect for each other.”

*Better then Ezra

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