Save Me

Mike and Johnny

Johnny’s in town this weekend with his girlfriend, Tricia, visiting her sister. He knew he was coming out but decided not to plan anything. Lauren yelled at him to call me, and I agreed with her – we should plan something. But when I told Mike, he acted like it was the normal thing to do. “Yea, so what? We’ll figure it out when he’s here.” Boys.

We end up not being able to hang out on the weekend and instead meet at the Third Street Promenade at 11:30am on Monday. Tricia and her sister, Lindsay, are going to shop while Mike, Johnny, and I grab some drinks and food. Mike and I walk up to the three of them in the promenade and Johnny immediately whispers something under his breath. “Save me.” I guess he doesn’t enjoy shopping with the girls? Weird. The five of us talk for a little and then go our separate ways.

Cabo Cantina doesn’t open until noon, so we go across the way to another Mexican spot for our first margaritas. It’s pretty much empty as we are the first people to sit at the bar. Johnny tells us about his trip thus far. Lots of bike riding. They’ve been hitting all the cool beach spots – Hermosa, Playa del Rey, Manhattan, Venice, Santa Monica, and a couple others. They’ve haven’t done the really touristy stuff. I think it sounds like the perfect way to spend a vacation.

Mmmmm margie

After drink one, we walk over to Cabo Cantina.

This place has the massive margaritas. They’re so good. Mike and Johnny try to talk about sports while I interject with questions about his relationship with Tricia and how long they’ve been together and all the stuff he probably doesn’t feel comfortable talking about.

After sharing one huge margarita with Mike I’m drunk. I spend most of the time laughing at Johnny. He cracks me up. Which is weird because when we were younger he annoyed the crap out of us. Us being me and Lauren and probably most of her friends. He definitely got on Lauren’s nerves the most. She would yell his name but drag it out really long and throaty. “Johnnnnnyyyyyyyy!!!” Sometimes this was followed by a slap or an, ‘I hate you,’ or a number of other things to try and put him in his place. Johnny’s response was usually laughing and running away. Mr. Montague and Mary Kay were nearby telling both of them to knock it off.

Third street promenade

We order another round and I go to use the bathroom for the second time. On my way back I pass a jukebox – yes. I put in a couple bucks when a guy who works there comes up behind me and puts in some more so I can play like a million songs. I love jukeboxes. Johnny and Mike eventually wander over to pick some songs. I’m on my second huge margarita with Mike. Johnny has to leave soon. No! This was too short! And we’re having so much fun. But they have plans for the day, so they’re on a schedule. We finally leave, walking out into the sun feeling toasted. Johnny is late to meet them and I’m pretty sure he gets in trouble. It probably doesn’t help that we got him drunk, while the girls are certainly sober.

Even though it was short, I’m glad we made the time to make it happen. I hate drinking before work – and I have work at 5. I think I’ll be miserable once the buzz wears off and I get tired, but Lilly’s is a great place to be since we’re closing in a week.


5 thoughts on “Save Me

  1. I hoped that one day Lauren would appreciate her annoyimg bro! Nice story Lindsay, I know Johnny was waiting to get on your blog. Happy Birthday Belated!

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