Party at my House

Glowsticks and a DJ

Work a double Saturday. Morning shift at Zinque then dinner at Lilly’s. It’s slow at Zinque and a completely different place during the day than it is at night. It’s a coffee bar and there’s no table service. Customers order with the cashier and get a number to put on their table wherever they sit. Much like Panera. I pretty much just bus tables and wash glasses and dishes all day. We’re not busy but I still have a lot to do. Tips are terrible since there’s no table service. I walk into Lilly’s at 6:30 and can’t help but think, I’m really going to miss this place.

It’s a long day and I’d really like to just go home after work, but I can’t. It’s Magali’s going away party. She’s invited me to at least seven parties since I’ve been working at Lilly’s and countless times to just hang out and I’ve never once done so. Tonight, there’s no excuse. She’s moving to San Diego to live with her boyfriend so I can’t say no to a party at her house.

I told Mike about it last night and asked if he would come with me. We don’t have to stay long, but I have to go. He’s fine with it. When I get home from work, he’s a miserable Nancy. He’s tired and doesn’t feel like doing anything. He has nothing to wear. All his clothes are dirty. Christ. Fine, I can go myself. It’s not a big deal. I don’t want you to come and be miserable. In the past, I wouldn’t really mean this. Tonight, I really do. I can handle going by myself. I don’t plan on staying long, anyway, but Mike insists on coming. He said he would come, so he’s going to come. In the end, I’m really glad he does.

We walk up to the house and there’s no noise. Mike starts freaking out, making sure I know we’re at the right place. Yes Mike, I’ve been here before, this is their house. And it is, the party is just in the back. Through the gate, there’s a beer pong table set up. We’re immediately greeted by a pothead, saying hello and asking us how we are. I’m good, thanks. I’m 18 years older than you. I’m good. Tatiana is among this crowd. This girl is always on a different planet. “Lindsayyyy! Hiii!” She walks over and gives me a kiss and hug hello. Then gives Mike a kiss and hug hello. The guy who greeted us is talking to us again. I want to be annoyed at him, but can’t help but appreciate his friendliness.


This party is reminiscent of high school. Except in high school, people didn’t say hi to you unless they knew you. Here, everyone says hello and is so freaking nice. Sure, they’re high, but they’re so nice! Mike and I see Magali. She’s gone all out in a one-piece leopard outfit. Mike doesn’t usually voice his thoughts, but for some reason tonight, he does. “What are you wearing?” Magali is not offended. She responds quickly. “I know, I look hot, right?” She is too much. I love her confidence. Sure, she’s high on some kind of drugs – Molly and some other things, but whatever, that’s what she does. I’m not going to judge or lecture (because she is younger than me – only 22), but I’ve never seen her this far gone before.

Mike and I walk to the backyard. There’s an inground pool with noodles and floats in it, all lit up,  just waiting for people to jump in. To our right, a bunch of guys are playing foosball. Dorian and Francis among them. Hi! To the left, there’s a patio. We walk up the steps and there’s black lights covering the area, a bar, and a DJ playing techno music. Everyone here is so young. I feel so old. Tatiana is back. “Do you want a shot?” Actually, no I’d love a glass of wine. But OK. She pours us shots of vodka flavored with jolly ranchers. And yes, I do one. In a red solo cup, of course. And this is when I really appreciate Mike being here. We look at each other, knowing we don’t belong, and embrace it.

Momo shows up shortly after. Thank God, he’s older than me. He may not be the most professional person to work with, but man is he funny. Corinne has arrived, so Mike and I are talking with her when Momo walks up. “I was just pouring myself a drink behind the bar and people started ordering drinks from me. I was like OK. Then I started yelling, trying to be like Lindsay. Hey! I hate that guy!” He has me in hysterics. It’s true – I hate people.

I talk for a while with Corinne while Mike plays foosball. Both her sons are here and I witness her scolding Matthaeus about drinking at the party. Corinne, seriously? He’s here with all his friends, he’s in high school, and his mom’s here. Do you realize how embarrassing that is? And of course, he’s going to drink.

I love that I’m friends with Corinne even though she’s such a Mom. She’s super overprotective, but her two sons are great boys. Polite, respectful, smart. She’s doing something right. It’s very mixed emotions with Mom on one side and high school on the other. I’m very out of place. But I won’t lie – I’d rather hang out with Mom. These high school kids are friendly, but no, we are not going to be friends.


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