Crazy Train

Darrell and Ashley at Lilly’s

I really don’t have any friends from California. I’m not complaining; it’s just something I realized. And I have enough friends visiting all the time! My co-workers probably think I’m lying when I say I have no friends, because somehow, Lilly’s is the place where everyone flocks to when they’re in town. Ashley thought she’d be in Venice on Thursday. Perfect! I have off Thursday nights. But her California coast trip got a little backed up and she was still in Santa Barbara Thursday night. Friday night I have work, so come on in.

Ashley is a friend from college – one of my few non-athlete friends. We took a couple honors courses together: Western Civilization – gross, and English with Dr. Garvey – loved him! He was very passionate about literature (not to mention he gave me A’s on almost all my essays). Outside of the classroom, Ashley also roomed with McConville sophomore year. I’m not sure how they knew each other before that year, but the three of us plus Allie would hang out a lot – usually in their dorm room because McConville rarely left her room.

Sometimes I’d walk into her room and she’d be laying in bed watching TV. McConville would get this guilty expression on her face, like if she told me I’d yell at her. What? “I haven’t moved from my bed all day.” I would just laugh. “No, seriously, Linds, I haven’t moved from this exact spot all day. Ashley would be sitting on her own bed, cross-legged, with a notebook in her lap and a pen in her hand. I’d look at her for confirmation. “It’s true. I witnessed it. She even ate dinner in there.”

Posing in front of the Venice sign

Now Ashley and I catch up and of course can’t help but reminisce about McConville. Ashley remembers more of the details – like how Kristin would insist silence while The Hills was on, or some other reality TV show. Or how crazy McConville was when it came to boys. Ash would IM me and Allie, asking us to come over and help her. Allie usually did. I think I saw it as a lost cause. I never understood her craziness. My response was always wide, incredulous eyes, shaking my head, and laughter. And I thought I had issues.

Ashley’s got a new boyfriend, Darrell. They’re both from Atlantic City. Yea South Jersey! Allie is from Glassboro, so the three of us would gang up on McConville for a battle of North Jersey vs. South Jersey. McConville was from Monmouth Beach. She was my go-to person on all things Monmouth. Her parents were my go-to Mom and Dad at school. They lived so close and would have us whenever we wanted to come over. Amazing home cooked meals and the best muffins I’ve ever tasted. I don’t even like muffins.

Ashley and Darrell aren’t staying in Venice tonight. They have to get back on the road to make it to their hotel in San Diego. I offer my apartment. You’ll have to sleep on the floor, but if you don’t feel like driving you’re more than welcome to stay with me. (I dropped Mike at the airport Wednesday and I hate being in the apartment by myself.) Actually, you guys can have the couch bed and I’ll sleep on the floor. That’s how uncomfortable my bed is. They consider it, but the hotel is already booked, so they might as well get down there. Can’t say I blame them. Big hugs goodbye. It was so much fun hanging out and catching up. I wish we could go back to their dorm room and sit around in our pajamas drinking strong drinks or cheap wine (not during field hockey season, of course).

*Ozzy Osbourne

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