In My Life

Lauren and Brand
Aug 11, 2012

Girl Talk is a message board with 10 of my best girl friends from home. It’s an app you can download on your phone. We’ve had it for a few months now and can talk to each other all the time, say what we’re thinking, vent, announce good news, or just say what’s on our mind. It’s a way for us to stay close without seeing each other. We love it.

It’s kind of a safe place where we can say whatever we want and not have to worry about being judged. It can definitely be personal. This is not something I would normally do and will probably never do again, but it was too cool not to document this experience.

Jenn, Lauren, Brand, Kelly and Michele
Aug 11, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012, 6:53pm (eastern standard time)

Jackie: One year from today we will be drinking and dancing as I am Mrs. Sanders!

Kelly: Awwww can’t wait!

LMonny: So exciting!


LMonny: You may be sharing your wedding day with Brandon’s birthday…going to hospital now! I don’t know if it’s a false alarm but I’m having contractions!

Schultz: Are you serious Laur? Good luck – keep us updated if you can.

LMonny: Yes, serious… they are definitely progressing so we’ll see. I have a feeling they’ll send me home but want to be safe.

Schultz: Of course, I hope everything goes well, very exciting.

Heather: Ahhhh. Good luck.

Lynn: Ahhhhh!

(LMonny posts a picture of her in her hospital gown)

LMonny: Welp, I’m in early labor! Could be 12 hours but they’re admitting me!

Lynn: Ahhhh again! Ah, Laur, can’t believe it. Good luck. So exciting. Can I say something on fb.

LMonny: I wouldn’t…people already probably did though?

Jenn: We didn’t.

Schultz: I was in Room 476…how is Sean doing?

Kelly: I’m so excited Laur!!! Can’t wait to meet Brand 🙂

LMonny: Sean’s good. We’re having fun lol.

Schultz: You’ll do great Laur, I’m really happy right now for you.

Jackie: Such a cute pic Laur! You’re going to be a mommy soon (wink face).

Heather: Best lookin mama in labor! I’m so excited.

LStever: Take a pic of you and Sean walking in the hall lol.

Lynn: I’m nervous lol.

Jackie: I’m anxious, too…glad you’re calm Laur!

Heather, Meg, Jackie, Christie, Schultz, Kelly, Lauren
OCMD May 2009


LStever: I guess we’re not doing the (fantasy football) draft then on Sunday?? Lol!

LMonny: You guys can still do it and pick for me if you want…told Kel and Jenn.

Colette: Oh yayyy! So exciting! We love you! You are so cute in your robe.

Lynn: Do you have your ribbon?

Kelly: Ahhhhhhh.

LStever: OMG I just realized you sent us a pic! You look so cute Laur!

LMonny: Yes Lynn, but it’s too hot to feel it!

Lynn: Lol you should give Brand a ribbon instead of a blanket.

LMonny: I don’t want him to be a weirdo like me!

Colette: This is so exciting! Did they tell you how long until you have to start pushing.

Christie: Ahh, so excited! You’re gonna do great Laur!


Colette: I’m watching the Kardashians and some girl is having a water birth.

Jenn: Ew I saw that.

Jackie: A guy I teach with’s wife had a water birth. So weird.

Jenn: Yea I think that’s weird. That’s what Kelly would want to do.

Kelly: Lolol.

LStever: I’m watching 20/20 about the families with like 20 kids…and I’m watching the Olympics. It’s the relay.

Kelly: I’m drinking blue moons at hwood and being very anxious about the arrival of Brand!

Colette: Aww Greg and u were gonna go there for some drinks but I didn’t feel like showering.

LStever: Is Meg still with you Kel?

Kelly: Me and Greg were gonna go? Lol, yeah.

Jackie: Let’s all guess what time Laur is going to have baby Brand.

Jenn: I say 7:30.

Kelly: 1:11am.

Jenn: Meg says 4:28am.

Schultz: 5:15am.

Jackie: I say 4:24am.

Jenn: We guessed the weight, too.

Jackie: I say 7lbs 2oz.

Jenn: I said 7lbs 9oz.

Kelly, Michele and Lauren
Winter 1998


Colette: Lol Kel I meant Greg and I. My phone is such a POS I can’t stand it. It’s sooo frustrating.

Jenn: Meg says 7lbs 8oz.

Kelly: 7lbs 5oz.

Colette: I guess 9:36am.

Schultz: 8lbs 2oz.

Colette: 7lbs 6oz.

Schultz: This whole girl chat app is sooooo convenient.

Colette: Yea Lin this was your second best idea ever.

Jackie: Has anyone ever had Leinenkugel summer shandy beer?

Jenn: Yea I’m not fond of it! A lot of people love it.

Jackie: I just had it last week and liked it. I don’t like the regular Leinenkugel.

Colette: I had a watermelon beer last night, it was amazing.

Jenn: Mmm that looks good.

Colette: I don’t usually like fruity beers but this was so good.

LStever: I say 6:07am and he will weigh 8lbs 3oz…and 19 inches long.

Jenn: What do we win?

LStever: I tried the summer shandy. I liked it.

Kelly: She’ll name him after you.

LStever: Haha I’m so excited and nervous and happy for Laur. She hasn’t talked to us in a while. Makes me think things are really starting to happen.

Heather, Jenn, Lauren, Jackie
Oct 2010


Kelly: I know, I’m dying to know.

Saturday, August 11, 12:14am

LMonny: It’s Sean. Sorry for intruding lol. They kicked me out to give her the epidural. She was almost 4cm. And she’s doing really good. Her contractions were a little over a minute long every thirty seconds – she made me videotape them to show you guys lol. She’s still in a great mood also.

Michele: Aww keep us posted!

Jenn: Aww she’s the best.


LMonny: Had a fuckin panic attack after epidural. Better now but going natural if I have another kid. Love you girls!

Michele: Oh no. I can’t sleep, I’m so worried and anxious. I’m sure you’re doing great! Can’t wait to see him!


LMonny: I think you guys can come after 8 or 10am. This has been amazing other than the panic attack.

Michele: Aww, I’m glad!! I have work but I will definitely be there after that. :0

Lynn: Yay! So happy for you and Sean and Brand. I guess I’m too late to guess the time but I’ll guess the weight. 8lbs 6oz.


Jackie: Getting closer Laur! Good luck!! Love ya.

Lynn: Oh wait lol he’s not born yet.

Schultz, Jackie, Meg, Kelly, Heather
Colette, Lauren, Christie
Girls’ Weekend Dec 2011


LMonny: Thanks girls love ya! 6cm dilated, shouldn’t be much longer.

Lynn: !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kelly: Yay Laur! Thinking of you guys, can’t wait to hear!! Love you, just remember – heeee heeee hooooo.

Lynn: I’m still up Laur, so glad you’re doing well, I’ve never been more excited/happy for you. You must be exhausted!

LStever: Laur I’m so proud of you for doing so well. Sorry to hear about the panic attack. Next time around you could always try a water birth like that girl on the Kardashians lol. Love you! I’m working today so all you have to do is dial 5511. That’s my portable phone that I’ll have with me.


LMonny: Lol OK! My mom finally got here. She was in upstate New York.

Kelly: Thank God! Was wondering about that.

LStever: I woke up at 3:30 thinking about you Laur…now I’m wide awake and can’t go back to sleep.

Lynn: Aww good Laur, I’m glad she’s there. Mary Kay must be so excited.

LMonny: Yea Sean’s mom has been here the whole time. I’m happy about that. My epidural ran out and I was in so much pain freaking out but I finally got it.

Lynn: I’m not going to sleep until Brand is here lol. Ugh, good, I can’t imagine.

LStever: How many cm are you now??

LMonny: 6.

LStever: Ahh! Try to have him at 6:07, that was my guess lol.

Kelly: Lol.

Lynn: Haha.

LStever: You got two hours lol.

Lynn: I feel like I’m there, I love this.

LStever: This girl talk is awesome! I feel like we’re right in the room with you! OMG Lin, I just said that!!

Colette, Kelly, Lauren
Halloween 1996

(LMonny posts a picture of Mary Kay holding a little diaper.)

Kelly: Haha aww gaga.

Stever: Aww 🙂

Lynn: Hey Mary Kay!

Kelly: I’m so happy I woke up. This is awesome.

Lynn: Haha I’m so giddy.

LStever: Me too!!

LMonny: Lol you girls are such good friends! This is helping me not have another panic attack.

LStever: Megan is really missing out on our girl talk. She needs to get a smart phone asap lol.

Lynn: Good Laur, we’re here for you!

LMonny: Yes def! I got this other pain medicine earlier and it made me feel drunk, it was funny.

LStever: Laur, I’m so glad to hear that! Glad we can help you. Also really glad your mom got there. I told my mom you were in labor and the first thing she said was, oh no, and Mary Kay is in upstate NY!

Kelly: Lol. I hope Sean videoed that! He did a great job on GT.

LStever: I’m starving right now!

Lynn: Yea I loved Sean’s message.

Christie: So labor isn’t like the movies? Lol.

Kelly: Uht oh Christie.

Schultz: Good timing, I was up feeding Ben and got to read all of this. Good job Laur – the drunk medicine was great, very happy your mom is there now.

Christie: I don’t know why I thought of this…if you think you’re going to have another panic attack think of all of us singing Push It by Salt n Pepa. It made me giggle.

Kelly: Lol.

LMonny: Lol. 7cm. My ass hurts so fucking bad. How long did you push Schultz?

Lynn: Ugh, you got it Laur. Chris you are so silly haha. I feel like it’s Christmas Eve or something!

Kelly: Me too Lin!

Christie: I’m worried that I will shit when the baby comes out and he’s covered in poop. I know, I can’t sleep now. Plus I’m hungry.

Lynn: Haha there’s an image.

Lauren and Kelly
Nov 2011


Kelly: I think I have a slight hangover.

Christie: Diner food would help Kel. Any takers, lol.

Kelly: Lol that would be fun. I have to wait until my cousin gets up though. She’s still asleep in the living room. I don’t want to wake her at 5am but maybe 6!

Christie: Lol.

Lynn: Nice. I’m getting sleepy but there’s no way I can fall asleep.


Jenn: Hi guys. I just read 58 messages!

Kelly: Haha good morning.

Jenn: I feel like I’ve been up all night too. Just got my phone. This paid program was on talking about some penis stuff, I was like wtf!

Lynn: Come again?

Kelly: Lol what channel are you watching???

Jenn: It was 10. I think it had Family Guy on. It was talking about sex and some pills called anderzene lol.


Lynn: I’m so tired. Lauren hasn’t said anything in almost an hour. Brand must be on his way!

Kelly: (thumbs up)

Jenn: Ahhh I can’t sleep but my eyes feel swollen.

Meg, Heather, Lauren, LStever
Oct 2009


Lynn: I’m drifting.


LStever: Ahhh just got here at the hospital for work…Laur, I’m working on the 6th floor but will still have 5511 as my phone so just dial that. Can’t wait to meet him and see you!!!

Jackie: Love waking up to this girl talk and reading all the messages!

LStever: Nevermind I’m still on the 5th floor lol.


(LMonny posts a picture of Brand.)

LMonny: 7:55 7.4 lbs. 19 1/2 inches

Kelly: Omg he’s perfect.

Christie: Omg!! He’s adorable!! Congrats mommy! And daddy!

Kelly: Hope you’re feeling good Laur, so happy for you and Sean, can’t wait to come meet Brand later. 🙂

LStever: Omg Laur he is beautiful! Can’t believe how wide awake he is! Me and Meg are coming down as soon as we can. We will call you first! Xoxo

Jackie: Precious! Can’t wait to meet Brand and see you and Sean!

Michele: Omg Laur! He’s beautiful!!! So happy for you guys!! I’ll see you later on!! How are you feeling?

Schultz: Yay! Adorable, hope everyone is doing well.

Lynn: Congratulations Lauren!!! Can’t believe Brand is here! So excited to meet him and see you.

Colette: He is precious! Laur I just woke up but we want to stop in today if that’s OK.

LMonny: Yes, def anyone stop up! After like 2 0r 3 🙂


LMonny: Hey girls, just went back and read all the messages, thanks again for last night, it got me through labor! And thanks for all the congrats!

*The Beatles

6 thoughts on “In My Life

  1. I can’t believe you posted this whole thing. lol. What the heck was I supposed to be for Halloween in 96? It looks like I’m wearing tanning goggles. Love you girls + Ben and Brand and Baby Knapp!

  2. Lindsay that was amazing !! I feel like I just relived Brand’s birth . I’m tearing up thinking of all you when you were younger….We are lucky to have all of you in ourlives. Love you all Mary Kay aka Kay Kay or GaGa!

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