Space Oddity

Marcus, Tara, Mike and Rich

Saturday Mike and I have off – a rarity. I took off a while ago because Tara and Rich are having us over for dinner tonight. We spend the day running errands and doing the grocery shopping for the month. First stop is Target. Every time we walk into Target I feel like we’re being timed. It’s like the supermarket sweep. I leave the cart at the end of the aisle while I look for something. Mike and I walk back over to the cart. “Lindsay.” I look down. Not our cart. Woops! Ours is in front of the next aisle.

We split up to get separate things. I only give him a small list, so I keep the cart. We meet back up and Mike stares in the cart and then back at me. “Lindsay. Who’s cart is this?!” Oh my God, I stole someone’s cart! This one is full with way more than ours, and there’s a bunch of kid stuff in it, too. How did I not notice? I don’t know where my head is sometimes. “Where is ours?” It’s all the way across the store! We walk fast to the other side and I can’t stop laughing. I see our cart just chilling there. The owner of this cart is no where in sight. What did they think when they turned around and their cart was gone? They probably went to ask someone who works here to help them find their missing cart. I feel bad but it’s funny.

We stop at a couple more places and then break for lunch before heading to Trader Joe’s. Tara told me she really doesn’t feel like hosting tonight because she’s been hosting all week. Perfect, we’ll bring some stuff. She asks me to pick out a good cheese. Mike and I get three cheeses, salami, grapes, one hot appetizer to throw in the oven, and seaweed (for Rich…I’m not a fan). Some wine and some beer and the rest of our groceries and we’re good to go.

Mike and cheese

We arrive a little after 7 and Tara is up to her wrists in a bowl of something. “I’m making homemade veggie burgers.” Tara, I thought you said you didn’t feel like hosting. “I know. I have a problem.” I pour us some wine and start to plate up the cheeses and salami. Marcus and Clyde (his dog) arrive shortly after – Marcus brought some sausages to throw on the grill. And for dessert, Tara made homemade coffee ice cream and homemade blueberry brownies. This has turned into a feast.

Naturally, we talk a lot about movies. Mike cannot wait to see The Master. Our conversation turns to Joaquin Phoenix and we all agree his performance in Gladiator was amazing. Marcus always says one-liners that make me laugh. “He violated the camera.” Yes. He was so disgusting and I have never admitted this to anyone, but I was also a little attracted to him. Marcus slides the cheese knife towards Mike. “Mike, you do what you have to do.”

Mike asks everyone’s opinion of the Cloud Atlas trailer. I think it looks like too much is going on. Marcus is more blunt. “That movie is just good old fashioned stupid.”

Homemade ice cream and brownie

Tara’s veggie burgers are phenomenal. I have to split one with her because I’ve already had too much cheese. And then she brings out dessert. Good Lord, I’m full. She puts the bowl in front of me anyway. Tara really wants to know how her ice cream turned out. She has all these ideas of opening a gym or a store or just something that is her own. Mike tells her to make ice cream and sell it. “I don’t want to sell it. I just want you to think it’s the best ice cream you ever had.” Well. It is quite delicious.

Rich can’t help but talk about the Mars landing that’s happening tomorrow night. He’s beyond excited. Apparently, it’s called a curiosity landing. Marcus interrupts. “Dude, I’m going to send four prostitutes here tomorrow night. Then you’ll see a curiosity landing.” Rich is not deterred. He goes into a lengthy description of what’s happening and why we should be pumped. “It’s a car. Traveling towards Mars to a crater 100 miles wide. What it does is, it never hits the ground. Crazy shit has to happen for this to work. What we’re looking for is not signs of life, but signs of the basis of life. It’s fucking cool.”

Well said, Rich.

Listening to Rich speak passionately about Mars

*David Bowie

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