Different People

With Lauren, Evan and Sarah at Lilly’s

I call Dad Saturday morning to wish him a happy birthday. He always sounds surprised to hear from me, but I guess not so much today. He says the same thing he says every time I talk to him. “God it sounds like you’re just around the corner!” Yea, Dad. Technology is amazing. “You don’t know what it was like. If you talked to someone in California, it sounded like they were in California.” I get it. You’re an old man.

I spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning and getting ready for Sarah’s arrival. She and her friend Lauren should be here around 4pm. I’ve never met Lauren, but they taught at the same school in Delaware for a little bit. Sarah flew out to Arizona, where Lauren lives now, and they’re driving from there today.

Traffic is terrible and it’s going to be impossible for them to find parking, so I have them park in our spot. Mike will be at work until late, anyway. They both say the same thing when they walk in. “Oh, this isn’t that small.” If you say so. I offer them beer and we sit and chat for a little. They tell me about their trip thus far – Sodona, Scotsdale, Grand Canyon. Sarah asks me a few questions and of course I get mad at her. You obviously don’t read my blog because you would know the answers already. “Oh my God, Lindsay, don’t start. I do read it sometimes, but I have a life; I’m busy.” You don’t even have a job. “Exactly. I’m very busy trying to find a job.” Uh huh. I let it go, but will continue to harass her for the rest of her stay.

Lauren brought a couple 6-packs, but I don’t have any ice. Because I have a mini-fridge. God damned mini-fridge. We take a short walk over to Kim’s Market for a couple bags. As soon as we’re ten paces out the door, Lauren realizes she forgot her sunglasses. “Do you care if we go back real quick?” Yea, that’s fine. I can never get mad at someone for forgetting something. I forget everything all the time.

Once we’re back at the apartment, Lauren can’t find her phone. She asks Sarah to call it as she frantically searches her bag. She’s in total spaz mode. I just kind of look at her with wide eyes and my eyebrows raised. Sarah barely even pays attention to her as she finishes telling me a story while simultaneously – very slowly – grabbing her phone and calling Lauren’s number. We don’t hear anything. “I think I left it at the store. Do you think it’s still there? Would someone take it?” She’s reminding me of me. Well, the old me. I’m trying not to be like this anymore. But I totally get it.


It’s fine, we’re basically walking in that direction anyway, we can stop at the store. No one would take your phone. I really have no idea, but there’s no point in getting her any more riled up than she already is. I walk over to the mirror and notice her phone just sitting right there on the dresser. It’s on a T-shirt, which probably muffled the vibrating when Sarah called. She’s relieved. All is well in the world. And now we can go.

We walk to Abbot Kinney and stop in a couple stores before heading somewhere to eat. I have work at 6:30, so when I go to work they can continue shopping. The 3 Square Cafe has awesome burgers. Sarah gives me a look like I’m crazy (she hates burgers). They have more than beef though – there’s lamb, mushroom, vegetarian, crab and a bunch of other stuff. We all order drinks. I might as well start my drinking now. This is the beginning of a long weekend. We cheers and then dig in to our burgers. Sarah and I go halfsies on the lamb and crab burger. The lamb is so good.

I walk into work in a good mood. Tropez said I could get out early because my sister is here, so I’m hoping I only have to stay a few hours. Evan comes in for dinner. He was out of town for a couple months and just recently we caught up. He’s my favorite. Sarah and Lauren walk in shortly after, around 8:30, and I tell them to sit next to Evan. Introductions all around. I don’t consider any of my customers friends because we don’t hang out outside of Lilly’s, but I would totally hang out with Evan.

I don’t mention anything about Evan writing for Walking Dead or being a regular on Rescue Me, but eventually Sarah asks him what he does. “Lindsay, he’s a writer!” I know! He’s pretty famous, too. He’s a really good actor. Evan is all modest about it and insists that he’s no actor. Here’s a guy who’s well established in the industry – you’d think Lauren would be excited (all she’s been talking about is seeing “celebrities”: I put that in quotes because there’s a lot of mention of Brody Jenner), but she’d rather listen to Magali talk about Robert Downey Jr. living on Abbot Kinney.

Tropez doesn’t let me charge them for anything, which is awesome, but Magali is now cut and sitting on the other side of the bar drinking and talking with Lauren. Pretty sure he said I’d get cut first, but obviously that isn’t happening. He thinks it’s fine. “You’re good, right? They’re hereee, drinkinggg, talkinggg, you’re having a good time.” Yea, Tropez, it’s fine. I can’t really say too much because he’s not making them pay for anything. I’m just annoyed because he never should have even gotten my hopes up.

Good times with Lauren and Tropez

Francis brings out a couple appetizers and places them in front of Sarah and Lauren. Sarah tries to speak what little French she still knows. “C’est magnifique! (It’s magnificent!). Lauren chimes in next to her. “Magnifique.” Sarah laughs. “No, I was saying, c’est magnifique.” “I did!” Oh my. That’s great. Not that Lauren would know that c’est isn’t say, but hearing this exchange is still hilarious.

At 10pm Tropez lets me go. I don’t go far – pour myself a glass of wine and park myself next to Sarah and Evan. Lauren is tired of sitting so she stands next to me. I have a second glass and then we’re off. We have to walk back and move Lauren’s car – Mike will be home soon. I take the keys since I haven’t had that much to drink and find a great spot right across the street. There’s so much room in front and behind me. Sarah tells me to pull up, but Lauren freaks out and insists I keep it where it is. She’s afraid if we move up she might not be able to pull out. It’s her car, so I park like an asshole so another car can’t fit behind me.

Sarah and Lauren switch back to beer, and I do my usual with red wine. We sit and chat and get our beds ready for the night. Obviously Mike and I are still on the couch bed. Corrinne lent me her air mattress but it’s really only big enough for one person. Lauren promises she wants to sleep on the floor – “it’s good for my back,” so Sarah takes the airbed. Mike gets home shortly after and I introduce him to Lauren. We stay up watching the Olympics and Sarah and I have long-winded conversations about who knows what. It’s what we do when we drink.

*No Doubt

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