Next in Line

My new favorite place

Monday is another day Mike and I can spend the day together until I have work at night. I lay in bed as long as I can, hung over from drinking with him last night until 2:30am. It was actually a great night just drinking and talking and listening to music together.

I finally drag myself out of bed and get ready to head out. We stop for breakfast – well now it’s lunchtime – at Mendocino Farms. Mike went to a downtown location with work last week and brought me home half of the most amazing sandwich I think I’ve ever eaten. When I looked it up, I found that there is also a Marina Del Rey location only five minutes from us. Score! This place is a gem. All natural and organic and delicious sandwiches. There’s a line, of course, but it moves quickly with one of the employees walking down the aisle and taking our orders before we reach the front. Mike walks outside to find us a table while I wait for our lunch.

It’s loud – the workers behind the counter are yelling a lot. When my name is called I get a little nervous and make my way through the masses, up to the front. “Lindsay, were you having any sides today?” I just stare at him blankly, then sort of shout. No! That’s it. He gives me a weird look, but smiles at the end, and I grab the tray and walk away.

It’s a beautiful day. I have already said this about four times this morning, but it really is so nice out. It never gets old. There’s a cute little patio in front of Mendocino Farms and I think this must be my new favorite spot. Mike and I go halfsies on our sandwiches, sharing the delicious one I already had – the pork belly banh mi, and a new one – the chicken MBT (mozzarella, basil, tomato). The chicken one is just OK. The pork belly is off the charts tasty.

Pork belly banh mi

After lunch, we make the short drive over to the movie theater to see That’s My Boy. I’d really rather not go to the movies to see an Adam Sandler movie – especially because his movies have been so bad recently – but Mike wants to see it and swears it’s been getting good reviews.

It’s hysterical. It’s classic Adam Sandler funny that I haven’t seen in a long time. And the cast is great. The only terrible part is Vanilla Ice – he’s so bad at acting.

Work tonight is so slow. It’s never this slow. I’m so bored. Corrinne is, too. “Want to play a game?” Like what. “Taste all the alcohol.” Haha. OK, I’ll try something I’ve never had before. Corrinne picks up the bottle of Stoli Chocolate Covered Raspberry vodka and shakes it up with some ice before pouring a little for the both of us.

I have one customer sitting at the bar, writing on her laptop while having dinner. She sees us tasting booze so I tell her how it is. This is what happens when you’re bored and you work in a bar. She shrugs her shoulders and understands. Corrinne pours her a little shot, too. She gladly accepts.

Corrinne gets back to the dining room to take care of customers while I chat it up with this lady. I’ve waited on her numerous times before, but she’s usually with a big group of people for happy hour (we have a really good happy hour), so I’ve never had a conversation with her. We easily start talking about alcohol and stupid things we used to do when we were younger – I’ve done many.

We talk about the differences in vodka. People are so particular sometimes about their vodka. “Can I have a grey goose and soda?” Sorry, we’re out of grey goose. “Are you kidding? You’re out of grey goose? “Well, we have stoli, absolut, ketel, belvedere, and chopin. “No, I only drink grey goose.” Seriously, there are people like this. The best is when they can’t drink another vodka when they’re mixing it, anyway. Most of the time, people just pick because of the label, or maybe the reputation of the vodka. I have no idea which one I like, not that I really drink vodka much.

I did in college. Leeds, usually. Yes, Leeds, because it was cheap. It tasted like permanent marker. Allie and I figured out the best thing to chase it with – Arizona Iced Tea. I swear to God, if you chased it with this, you wouldn’t have any bad Leeds aftertaste. It was phenomenal. The iced tea was probably more expensive than the vodka. Comparing Leeds to any of the vodkas listed above, you can obviously tell a difference. Or actually, maybe not.

Bacardi Limon was a treat…notice Leeds in the background 2008

I was at a house party and everyone had their own liquor (it was pretty much byo at Monmouth, lame). It was Pep’s house – that’s what we called him. He had this bottle of vodka and I was taking shots right out of the bottle. I figured it was just as bad as Leeds, so I’m sure he didn’t mind me drinking it. I think it was the next day that I found out Ketel One is actually a good vodka. Ohhhh that’s why it wasn’t so hard to chug. It all makes sense now.

I continue to swap stories with my new friend at the bar. We introduce ourselves – her name is Sandra. She tells a story how she emptied a mouthwash bottle or something like that and filled it with alcohol. “I cleaned it out really good so you could only taste the alcohol.” Wow, I did that, too, once, but with a body splash bottle. And I didn’t wash it out enough. Also, and I don’t tell Sandra this, but the alcohol I put in the bottle was creme de menthe – the green kind. I stole it from my parents. They had more of a selection, obviously, but I was too scared to steal anything else because they drank all the time and would notice. So I found a dusty bottle of creme de menthe and poured that into the body splash bottle. There’s like, no alcohol in that anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I’m pretty sure this night when I went out with the body splash bottle was also the first (and last) time I tried a cigarette. Michele let me try it. I was already drunk, or else I’m sure I wouldn’t have. I coughed up a lung and thought it was disgusting. Good thing. Smoking is gross. Although, I do wish I at least knew how to smoke a cigarette because it looks really good on camera (Mike always tells me this).

Turns out Sandra is a writer, so our conversation turns to writing. “This helps.” She refers to her vodka soda. YES. I agree. Sandra is an actual writer – you know, one who gets paid for it. She’s written two novels and is currently in the process of trying to get her feature film funded. It’s a dark comedy called Black Coffee. Great title. She gives me a lot of good advice and help with turning writing into more than just a hobby. She mentions the WG. What’s the WG? “The Writers Guild.” Shit. I should have known that.

I can’t believe I’ve never talked to Sandra before, and I tell her I’m glad she came in alone tonight. It’s nice to meet someone who is a writer and someone who wants to make movies. She gives me her card and I look up her site. It’s a blog – I can tell she’s a good writer. She’s definitely a good person to know. I email her and offer myself to her film for free (if it ever gets funded) as well as Mike to PA. I tell him later and he’s glad I did. He’s not glad that I also gave her the link to Dumped, the silly short film the two of us made while living in Hoboken. I don’t know! I just wanted her to see something. It’s not good quality or anything like that, but it’s fun and I just thought she would appreciate it. She did – or at least she told me she did. In fact, she said we should make some more things like that; relationship stuff. I agree with you, Sandra, we’ve got plenty of material, that’s for sure.

*Walk the Moon

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  1. I honestly cant stand being around mike the morning after drinking….or just anytime Im not drunk because his farting is disgusting…kid has issues

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