To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)

Bob’s Big Boy

Kyle is in my neck of the woods all day, looking for a new serving job, so we agree to meet up for a drink. I don’t get back from my meeting with the agent until around 3:30pm, so it’s 5:00 when I finally walk up the street to James’ Beach. It doesn’t open until 6. Dammit. I knew that. All the bars and restaurants around here are open for lunch and close for like, two or three hours before re-opening for dinner. I don’t get it.

Canal Club across the street opens at 5, so we just go there. 5-dollar margaritas for happy hour? Yes, we’ll take two. I have to stop what I’m saying after I take a sip and comment on how strong the drink is. “I know!” Hey, fine by me. I probably can only stay for one anyway because I have to pick up Mike from work.

I like talking to Kyle because he’s the male version of me at this point: acting, writing, California newbies with little money and no clue. He’s looking for a job on the west side because the place he’s at now is so inconsistent. He’s also looking for a place on the west side – he’s sick of living in Glendale. He’s been feeling depressed lately and I totally understand. I feel bad because it’s so much easier being here with Mike. For everything – support, companionship, finances. Doing it alone? I can’t imagine.

I just had a meeting with an agent – but it’s not like I have an agent. Kyle just got a part in an independent feature, but he’s holding his breath that the finances don’t fall through before they even start filming. When someone is going through similar pitfalls as yourself, it just makes everything better. I feel lighter just talking to Kyle, and I hope he feels better, too, and I hope he moves to the west side (that’s where all the cool kids end up!).

One awesome thing Kyle is a part of every Monday night is a writing group. 10 or 15 people meet at this guy’s house for a couple hours and talk about writing, read their stuff aloud, get feedback. I picture a group of stuck up people wearing berets and sipping on bourbon. Kyle laughs at this. “No, but someone might bring a bottle of wine. It’s really chill.” The more he talks about, the more I want in. I could do my monologue for them since I wrote it, and see what they think. I could bring the script Mike and I wrote and give everyone a role and hear it read aloud. I could talk about my ideas for a book. I’m excited. Unfortunately they only meet Monday nights when I work, but maybe I could switch my shift one week.

Oh, and another thing – Kyle got a girlfriendddd. She lives down in Long Beach so he only gets to drive down Friday nights (his only night off work). I’m happy for him. You have to take the good with the bad. Mike texts me while I’m at the bar and asks me to leave now – 45 minutes earlier than he had thought. Check please! I insist on paying for our drinks – sadly, I’m the one doing better out of the two of us. I’m sure he will be able to return the gesture at some point. Kyle and I say our goodbyes and promise to see each other soon – hopefully at one of his writing meetings.

I run down the street to my apartment and quickly grab car keys and head out. Traffic. I hate it. I really don’t have to deal with it that much because I stay on the west side for the most part. Usually just ride my bike around. I have to slap myself a few times to keep my eyes from closing. The margarita gave me a little jolt but now the day is catching up to me – and driving always makes me tired. I’m not used to doing so much in one day, which is kind of sad. I only got five hours of sleep last night and think that is so little. Mike gets five or six hours of sleep on most nights.

I finally pull up to Universal Studios over an hour later and immediately get out of the car. You drive. I can’t drive anymore. Mike takes over and I try to prepare myself for even more traffic on the way home. Mike reads my mind. “You want to go somewhere first? I don’t feel like sitting in traffic.” OK, yea. “Want to see a movie?” No. I’ll fall asleep. I’m starving, you want to get something to eat? Mike had an enormous lunch but he can always eat. They might not pay PA’s well, but they definitely feed them. He wants ice cream. I want real food. We settle on a burger joint – they definitely serve milkshakes here. Bob’s Big Boy. We passed this little gem on the way to drop off Mike this morning and Mike said he wanted to go there. So now we’re going.

This place is an old school diner – I love it. It reminds me of the diner in Pulp Fiction or maybe Back to the Future. Apparently, it’s a California historical landmark. It’s the oldest Big Boy that still stands, built in 1949. The Big Boy statue was used in Austin Powers – acted as his spaceship.

I go in to use the restroom first, and when I come out Mike isn’t there. The host can see me looking for someone. “Are you with the guy with the hair?” He puts both hands by the side of his head to indicate a big head of hair. Yup, that’s the one.

Mike obviously can’t just get a milkshake. We both get a burger and fries. The burgers are phenomenal. The fries are lame (not that I should be eating them anyway). His milkshake arrives. “I apologize in advance.” And he digs in. Awesome. I don’t know why he does this to himself – and to me. He’s lactose intolerant. He will be sick later and hate himself for getting ice cream.

We stuff our faces and now I’m incredible exhausted. We get into silly mode on the way home. “Who are the five funniest people you know?” Hmm. This is a hard one because there are so many different categories of funny. There’s weird funny – Mike’s in that category, along with Farno and Steve Perrong. There’s smart, witty funny – that’s Lyndsey. Not-on-purpose funny – Dad. But I guess if I had to say the people who just made me laugh more than anyone else, I’d definitely say, for the girls, Kelly O and Allie. For the guys, Doug and Wehner. I don’t even know Wehner that well, but I laugh at him when he just talks. And Nick. He’s mostly fun, but I crack up at him, too. I guess that’s my top five, unless I’m forgetting someone. Mike’s five are different from mine. I love these conversations.

I immediately change and get ready for bed. It’s only 9:00 when I lay down, but it feels glorious. Mike gets in bed a little later and quickly falls asleep. I don’t fall asleep until after 12. This is so annoying. Even when I’m exhausted I can’t fall asleep. How do you turn your brain off?

*Ryan Adams

7 thoughts on “To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)

  1. doug and I do the same thing on our way home from work when there is traffic…stop and get something to eat. by the way, doug is annoying, not funny, but he will be so excited when he reads this blog.

  2. ahhhhhhhhh top 5!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!……and really Im in the top 3 of WD people, even better. Pretty sure I would have been depressed rest of weekend if I didnt make the list…Can we hear mikes? And also were I forced to list my top 5 bloggers, you would be right there lstet13.
    Honestly, anyone who can write this much about nothing and make it so interesting has some talent! (hoping when she makes it big, she announces to the country her top 5 funniest ppl)….

    1. Doug just know that you made my list too, so you can continue to have a good week. Kelly O has a special place being the funniest female I know.

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