Ice Ice Baby

Stupid mini fridge

I hate our mini fridge. Since day 1 I’ve wanted buy a regular refrigerator, but Mike doesn’t think we need one. It’s the dumbest thing ever. The freezer is so tiny, I can only fit a couple things in there at a time. If the dial is turned up too much, the stuff in the fridge freezes. We can’t even fit a brita in there, so we bought a Pur water filter system for the sink. Now we fill up a water bottle and keep that in the fridge door – our only source of cold water.

It really is the worst thing about the apartment – of only a few bad things. Like two washers and dryers for the whole building. I can’t wait for the day I have my own washer and dryer, and I don’t need to walk outside to do laundry, and I don’t need quarters. Our parking spot sucks. There are two poles on the left side and it’s near impossible to simply turn into the spot. It’s almost as bad as having to parallel park every single time. It gets really loud around our apartment, mostly at night or early in the morning. Neighbors in the building are quiet as a mouse, but people on the street, those crazy Venice people, are loud. Sometimes yelling at people, sometimes yelling just to yell. Then there’s the ducks. I never disliked a duck until he woke me up with his incessant quacking. Right outside our window. It’s bizarre. When I saw the ad on craigslist for the apartment and it said mini fridge, I thought it was a deal breaker. I only checked it out because I was already in the area. And here we are.

Today I have to defrost the fridge because the ice in the freezer has built up so much I can’t fit anything in there. Mike and I shove everything in a cooler with ice and hope it will thaw completely by the end of the day. When I can’t stand looking at it anymore, I take a hair dryer to it. This is much more efficient. When everything is all melted, there’s a lot of water sitting in the freezer tray. Mike takes the tray out and slowly tries to move it to the sink and dump it. I’m just standing here, watching him, knowing this probably won’t end well. He spills a little, but makes it to the sink. When he attempts to pour the water into the sink, most of it goes all over the cabinets and the floor. It’s hysterical. Mike laughs, but he’s definitely frustrated. “This is stupid.” Well…. I start to say something but he cuts me off and finishes my sentence in what I guess is his attempt at my voice. “Well, then we should get a big fridge.” Yes. Actually, I was going to say if we had a regular fridge we wouldn’t have to defrost it every four months, but close enough.

Later we order Chinese for dinner. I can’t remember the last time I had Chinese food – I usually just order sushi. But most of the Chinese places here don’t have both sushi and Chinese. And I’m kind of broke, so Chinese it is. The best part is always the fortune cookie. The actual cookie is gross. I used to force myself to eat it, or even a little piece of it, thinking maybe this time I’ll like it. No more. Just give me the fortune. “Good news will come to you from far away.” I like this. Must mean good news from home. I’m still waiting to hear.

*Vanilla Ice

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