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I walk out of the grocery store and there is a table set up. I always try to walk by these things. I just spent too much money food shopping, so no, I do not want to donate you money or buy your product or sign up for something. I especially don’t feel like putting down my bags. But this time a little boy – probably about 10 or so – stops me. He’s incredibly nervous and can’t look me in the eye. It takes him a while to spit it out, but I wait patiently, because he has a lot of guts to walk up to strangers and ask them for help. If he asked me to buy a candy bar or donate money, in this case, I would. Just because he is asking me.

It’s like girl scout cookies. I was listening to the radio recently and completely agreed with the host. “If little Suzy is selling me cookies, I will buy the cookies. If she knocks on my door and asks me, I’ll buy as many as she wants. I will NOT buy cookies from little Suzy’s mom or dad.” He was referring to the way parents send out a mass email at work like, ‘Hey guys, it’s that time again! My daughter is selling girl scout cookies. How many boxes would you like?’ None. I don’t want any. You bring little Suzy into work and have her walk around the office – that’s another story.

But this little boy isn’t selling anything. “Would you mind doing a taste test of pepsi and coke to see which one you like better for my science project?” It takes him a while to say it and he says it all with a shaky voice. His Mom is standing directly behind him, ready to pounce. “It will only take a minute.” And she quickly turns to get me the ballot. He already won me over, lady. But she’s a mom, and I’m guessing this poor kid has already been rejected by a lot of people. Um, sure! Obviously, it’s Pepsi. The Mom laughs. The little boy looks nervous and just trying to get through it. I’m actually excited. Who doesn’t like to take the Pepsi challenge? I’m genuinely excited to see which one I like best. It’s kind of sad.

The ballot actually has four sodas instead of just two – I guess because there are so many different colas these days: Pepsi, Coke, Cola, 365 Cola. Underneath in a column are the numbers 1-4. I taste the first one and start asking the little boy questions. Am I supposed to be writing something down? Is this one Pepsi? “It doesn’t matter.” He’s so serious. The third one is really sweet and the fourth one is absolutely disgusting. All I have to do is circle the number I liked best. No. 1 it it is. I’m very excited now. Is the first one Pepsi?? The little boy has moved on to another prospective taste tester. His older brother (I think) smiles and tells me yes. Yes! I knew it! Way too excited for this.

Tonight is the real excitement – American Idol season finale. Phillip Phillips has my vote (not technically, I don’t actually vote). It’s a long two hours and I’m so nervous for the end. It’s ridiculous. I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win; he’s still going to go on and do great things and make records and all that. But it’s a competition. There’s a winner. I want him to win.

American Idol winner?

I have never watched the show except for maybe a few episodes in the first season when Kelly Clarkson won – I do love her. I didn’t even start watching this year until Mike was working on the show. But since that time, Phillip has been my No. 1. Mike has been there every day this week since Saturday, leaving early in the morning and not getting home until after 11pm. But he likes it. Tonight he’s working 8pm-8am, so he left about 45 minutes before the show started. By the time he got there, though, it was over because it airs on the east coast three hours earlier. Which is so annoying. After 5pm I don’t allow myself to go on fb and I tell Heather that she better not text me.

Finally, in the last minute of the show, the winner is announced. Phillip Phillips wins! I am so excited. I can’t wait for him to make an album. I try not to cry as Ryan Seacrest announces him the winner, but the tears are flowing when he begins crying during his song and instead of singing, walks off the stage to hug his family. Ugh. So sweet.

Mike texts me that it’s a party there. He sees Phillip but there are so many cameras and people following him that Mike doesn’t have the chance to say congratulations or anything. I text Heather right after the show – she is the only person I can share this with. It’s 1am on the east coast so I’m sure she’s sleeping, but I text anyway. At 8:30 in the morning I get a text back. “Went to the phils game, got drunk, and missed the finale. Woke up at 1:30 and saw your text and a huge smile came across my face.” Haha Heather! So have you seen when he won? “Unfortunately I decided to watch it at work and was in tears.” Not surprising. That Phillip Phillips is a real lady killer.

*Phillip Phillips!

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