Summer Mood

‘That’s a wrap’ on Wino

Mike finally gets home very late on Monday night. I’m happy he’s home. He tells me all about his weekend and his hopes for the Wino show to be picked up. They didn’t even shoot the pilot this weekend; they shot a presentation, which is basically the step before a pilot. It’s the first reality show he likes to work on. Me too. This isn’t like regular reality TV. It’s more documentary-style and informational. And about wine.

Mike has always said he’d like to travel with a show. A lot of shows shoot at different locations (Auction Hunters spent a season in Hawaii). If Wino actually gets picked up, he could have the chance to travel internationally. We both agree it would be amazing, but now that I’ve actually experienced four days without him, I don’t know how much I’ll like a month or two with him away. If it happens, it happens. Hopefully people will visit me during his absence. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Tuesday is Mike’s 12th straight day of work. I work the lunch shift and he should get done by 6 or 7pm, so we plan to see The Avengers at night. After I get home from work and shower, Tropez calls asking if I can work tonight. It’s an emergency and they need someone to come in. Yes, I can. I need the money, and I know we have a party of 25 tonight, so it will definitely be worth it.

Venice Beach

Finally, Wednesday, we both have off. It’s been about two weeks since we had a day to spend together, so we milk it for all it’s worth. In the morning I write on my laptop while he works on the Mac doing…whatever he does. In the afternoon we go to the beach – only for an hour because Mike gets antsy. We see The Avengers around 4 – gotta love Robert Downey, Jr. Afterwards, we have dinner at Sugarfish in Marina Del Rey – a really fresh sushi place I’ve been hearing about.

This place is all about simple, fresh product – not the fancy rolls and sauces that Mike and I usually go for. We decide to share a tasting plate that is recommended. It comes with edamame, sashimi, sushi, and hand rolls. We also share a yellowtail cut roll for something that we know. Mike orders a glass of chardonnay; I refrain, but look longingly at his glass and do try a sip. It’s delicious. Everything is great, until the two hand rolls are placed in front of us. It’s a long roll in a seaweed wrap, uncut. How are we supposed to eat this? We stare at it for a minute, then Mike takes his chopsticks and stabs it in the middle, thinking we should try to cut it in half…with chopsticks. I highly doubt they would try and make it this difficult for us. No, Mike, wait, I’ll ask (because Mike won’t). Excuse me, I have no idea how to eat this. The Asian girl laughs. “It’s a hand roll, so you just pick it up with your hand.” She’s really not making fun of us, but it sounds so obvious when she says it. “I can see how it would be intimidating if you’ve never had it before.” Yea, we don’t know how to eat sushi. Amateurs. Anyway, everything is delicious. It’s the kind of sushi you don’t need to add soy sauce or wasabi to – I still do, for the most part, but I try it without.

Back at the apartment we share a bottle of wine. I cave. Mike wanted to drink because he has off and I can’t sit here and watch him, so two glasses it is. It’s OK. Three cheat days instead of two isn’t bad. I already know my third cheat day will be next Thursday when Kevin and Jill arrive. It will be their first night in Venice and Mike’s last night before he goes home – we are going to have a good time.

Mike and I watch American Idol – Phillip Phillips should totally win. I’ve never voted, but I will definitely purchase Phillip’s first CD. After the show we continue our low stress, relaxing day and watch a documentary. It’s been a great day off – if not a very productive today. If Mike does go away for months at a time I at least know I’ll get a lot of writing done, among other things.

*Best Coast

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