Saturday in the Park

Rich – our leader

Saturday morning Rich and Tara and I eat breakfast together while watching Game of Thrones. They already saw it, but don’t mind the second viewing. I’m supposed to help with some wedding stuff today – escort cards to be specific. Never knew that’s what they’re called, but they’re the little cards at the reception with your name and table number. They have this idea for origami in different shapes, so not only will it have your name and table number, but also represent what you’re having for dinner. Example: sailboat = salmon. So cute. And I can’t wait to do origami. I remember being really into it in middle school. It was around the same time that everyone was making those little…I have no idea how to describe them. OK, well it was a girl thing. You’d hold the paper with thumbs and forefingers, and open and close it vertically and then horizontally. There’d be numbers and colors and then a fortune or something on the inside – or whatever you felt like writing. I start to try and make a frog from the picture directions that come with the origami paper – and get instantly frustrated. These directions are stupid. We try watching two different youtube videos to make a sailboat. The second one is surprisingly easy and cute. I could do this all day, but we have to get going. We’re going on a hike at Malibu Creek State Park.

As we walk up to the entrance, there’s a billboard advertisement for classes that dogs can take to avoid rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes. Does that mean there could be rattlesnakes on the trail? Rich and Tara seem unphased. Great. Now I’m on the lookout, staring at the ground in front of me instead of soaking in the incredible sights. And they are pretty incredible. Tara agrees. “It feels like we’re in another country.” Yea, this is crazy. It really makes me wonder how anyone wouldn’t want to live here. Rich then goes on about all that California has to offer – which is basically everything. Obviously, we’re California lifers.

Our favorite spot

Rich leads the way, on a mission, while Tara and I leisurely tag along, when Rich suddenly stops. What? What’s happening. Tara starts backing up. I grab her arm when I see it. A rattlesnake five feet in front of us, a little to the left. Holy crap, we’re going to die. It could attack us right now. I just keep backing up until we’re at least 50 feet away. Rich, though, is fascinated and as always, very calm. Mr. Snake finally slithers back in the direction he came, and Rich follows to see where he’s going. Apparently, there’s a squirrel or some small creature nearby, and Rich is sure he’s going to see him attack and eat the poor animal. He seems excited about this. No thanks, I just want to get as far away as possible. If I was nervous about rattlesnakes before, now I think they’re going to surprise us every step of the way. I didn’t realize I was such a scaredy cat.

Rich, if that rattlesnake bit me, I could die, right? “Yea, if you were out in the middle of nowhere. But we would call for help and you’d be fine.” Always the epitome of rational. We continue on and I slowly relax to enjoy the sights. On our way back, we stop at a clearing to sit and take a break. It’s beautiful and tranquil and I already want to come back.

We stop for food on the way back and when we get to their house I have to leave immediately to get home and shower quickly before work. But I’ll be back. They said I can sleep here again because I don’t want to be alone at the apartment. I’m grateful, but I do hate driving to their house in the dark. It’s scary. When I pull up, it’s so dark – they’re already sleeping. The kitchen light is on but I can barely see in front of my face outside. It’s also very foggy, adding to the creepiness. I open the car door and hear rustling in the plants nearby. A coyote. Is about to attack me. I try to calmly and quickly walk up to their door without attracting attention. And I’m in. Whew. That was a close one. Even inside, I get scared. I stay up reading a book Tara just gave me: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. When I finally put it down to go to sleep, I keep the light on, just in case.

Hard day at the office

Sunday morning I call Mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Her and the rest of the family are down in the Outerbanks for the week – just got down yesterday. I can hear the happiness in her voice. I’m sure if Mom could live down there she would. Mike and I were supposed to go, but like many trips, couldn’t afford to do it.

Meanwhile, Mike is enjoying his weekend in the Santa Inez Valley. The crew has been eating good food (he tried quail this weekend – and liked it) and sampling some tasty wine (he was only able to taste a Bordeaux because he was the driver). He was also very excited to film at The Hitching Post II – a restaurant where a few scenes from Sideways were filmed. Mike suggests we visit sometime. Uh, yea, absolutely.

I finally get out of bed – it’s so comfortable I could lay in it all day. Tara arrives shortly after from the gym. Well now I really feel lazy. Oh well. There’s more origami to do. Rich and Tara did a bunch of sailboats last night. All different colors. Now Rich is looking at them and suggesting they do a color scheme – otherwise it might look like a kids’ birthday party. He takes away certain colors, and Tara just stares at them for a while. Finally, she doesn’t like the idea anymore. Origami is out. Oh my goodness. OK you two indecisive, mind-changing people, if I’m not doing origami I’m going to sit outside in the sun and read.

Tara walks out shortly after. “Weddings suck, Lindsay.” Yea, I’m realizing that more and more. Too many decisions, too much stress, and definitely too much money. I do not envy Rich and Tara right now. Actually, that’s not true. They’re wedding is going to be amazing and I’ll probably want to copy a lot of their ideas for my own big day…one day…not soon.


One thought on “Saturday in the Park

  1. Oh my gosh I love the origami idea!! I can’t believe you changed your mind Tara – that is so cute! You two are such a creative couple.

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