First Time

Jordan and Lauren

I start tossing and turning at 6am and finally when I look at my phone and see 7:30 I figure I might as well get up. Can’t sleep anyway, and it’s 10:30 in California so that’s about right. No one is awake so I go downstairs and turn on the TV. Call Kelly because she’s probably at work or getting ready for work. Turns out she’s getting ready, and she can’t believe I’m calling this early. “I’m surprised you’re up already.” Why? “Because it’s like two hours earlier in California.” Kelly just can’t get over the two hour thing. I have to remind her every time that it’s three hours. Silly Kelly, it’s three hours LATER. She just starts laughing. “No, Lindsay, it’s later here.” I digest this information, and realize she’s right. It’s now 5am on the west coast. I am an idiot. No wonder Mike didn’t text me back. Why couldn’t I sleep later? I hang up the phone after making arrangements for tonight, and realize, man, I’m really tired. I guess I’m just excited to be home.

Mom comes downstairs around 9 and now I’m getting hungry. What’s for breakfast? “I thought you were going to make ME breakfast. I haven’t had a soft-boiled egg in years.” Oh, bother, OK. We work together in the kitchen; me doing the eggs and her sauteeing rice and beans in one pan and some leftover spinach, bacon, and tomatoes in another. So many pans to choose from! So much space in the kitchen! I’m used to an electric stove (unfortunately), so I hope the gas stove doesn’t mess up my timing. It doesn’t. The eggs come out pretty spot on.

Lauren, Heather, Kelly

In the afternoon, Chris and I get our hair cut at Images. The last time I got my hair cut was at Images in November. Seriously. As the girl is cutting my hair she turns my seat so I’m staring at the person in the chair next to me, who just happens to be Rob Garrish, because how could I not go out in West Deptford and see someone I know? I would say hi, but if I say something he might turn his head as she’s cutting his hair. So I’m awkwardly sitting here staring at his profile, wondering if he realizes I’m sitting next to him. I’m finished before him and never get the chance to say anything. I tell Chris he’s there. “Oh yea, I saw him. Today’s his birthday.” Of course. Facebook.

Later, I call Ms. Ryan. She’s at Nick’s (new) house and tells me to come over. I drive over to Rolling Brook and lucky for me, Nick is here, too! He gives me a hug and as always, lifts me up and swings me back and forth. They give me a tour of the house. It’s big. And empty. I’m overwhelmed by how much he and Janene have to do. I was overwhelmed by my tiny, tiny, studio. This is a whole other beast. Janene gets home from work and we all sit in the kitchen, chatting and catching up. I’m glad, because this is probably the only time I’m going to see them while I’m home.

Lauren and her bridesmaids

I leave and head to the Manfre’s to borrow some shoes from Maria – my bridesmaid dress is still too long and I don’t have high enough heels. I get a text from Maria as I pull up that her Mom threw out her silver heels. Oh well, I need shoes for tonight, too! I forgot to pack an outfit for the rehearsal. I already have on one of Christine’s dresses, and now I need Maria to complete my outfit. Only Mrs. is home. Hi! Oh, we don’t need to hug, I just saw you.

I follow her upstairs to look through Maria’s millions of shoes. It’s like shoe heaven. Mrs. actually finds a pair of silver shoes that are more metallic than silver. They’ll do. I don’t care really if they aren’t exactly silver because my dress is so long. Now I need another pair for tonight. This is fun. Maria walks in just as I need help to decide what looks best. Now Mr. is walking in the door. He’s yelling upstairs and Mrs. yells back. “You’re daughter-in-law is here!” I just shake my head. Maria is laughing. “Jesus, Mom, don’t scare her.”

I get back to my house just in time for Kelly and Michele to pick me up so we can go to the church for rehearsal. I’m so excited to see all the girls! I’m getting nervous at rehearsal because I’ve never done this before. The deacon is explaining something and I lean over to Kelly. What if I mess it up and do the wrong thing? “Just follow the person in front of you.” What if I’m first? She just rolls her eyes at me. As if it matters. OK, time to try it. The deacon is asking Lauren to line us up. Who’s first? “Lindsay, you’re first.” Of course I am.

Stever sandwich!

Mr. Stever is loudly asking me what my problem is. “Aren’t you Catholic?” No. I’m not. The deacon is standing here now. “Well what are you?” Actually, I’m nothing. I don’t say that, but it’s what I’m thinking. I guess I was baptized Methodist. “OK, so find the nearest Methodist church near you and start practicing your good Christian faith.” He said something like that. I have to keep myself from rolling my eyes. LMonny is standing behind me and as always, acting like nothing is a big deal. I’m glad she’s behind me. Laur, you just have to tell me when to go. We start walking, and I’m nervous! How stupid. Am I walking too fast? Everyone tells me I’m fine. As I’m walking down the aisle I touch my nose. God dammit. Whenever I’m nervous I touch my nose. It’s so dumb. Guess it’s my nervous tick. The second time down I hold me hands together, thankful that I’ll have flowers in my hands for the real thing.

It seems like there are a lot of issues and things not figured out for the ceremony. One problem is there are nine bridesmaids and eight groomsmen. C’mon bride and groom. Jordan, you couldn’t ask one more person? Lauren, you couldn’t cut one of us? I’m just kidding, but it turns into a big deal. Us bridesmaids are all pretty much just chatting and going through the motions. The deacon keeps asking Lauren questions and I just want him to stop asking her and start telling her. I realize that’s not possible when she takes the deacon’s script from him to see what he’s saying when he pronounces them man and wife. She looks a little overwhelmed and panicky, while Jordan looks like he wants to kill himself.

Most entertaining couple I know

When it’s over, I’m starving. Many of us are as we head over to RiverWinds for dinner. Pat and Doug are here! Hey guys! I’m happy to be out of the church so we can finally all just talk. I try to get a picture of Lauren, Heather, and Kelly, but Heather is giving me the finger. No. You know I’m not going to post that in my blog. This gets Kelly excited. “Oh my God, blog picture!” After we eat Lauren hands us all gift bags. We get gifts?! Everyone, as they will for most of the time I’m home, roll their eyes at me. Lauren got us these adorable little clutches with our name on the inside. Too cool. There’s also a gift card for Beth’s Hair, where we’re getting out hair and make-up done. I don’t put it together. Instead, I announce that I’m going to have to use this before I go back to California. I don’t even know who responds to me. “Lindsay, you’ll use it Friday.” Ohhhh, right. Whenever I make a stupid comment people always make sure to say my name first, so all I really hear is, “Lindsay, you’re an idiot.”

Most of us head out to the bar area to continue drinking, because that’s always a good idea. Hey, I’m on vacation. The rest of these suckers have to go to work tomorrow – except for Lauren. Doug and Heather are hilarious. Doug wants to call out of work tomorrow. “No, you’re going to work.” He looks defeated. As we continue drinking Heather starts to think maybe she wants to call out of work tomorrow. Now it’s OK. Heath suggests a sleepover. I think. Maybe she means for tomorrow. It gets blurry at this point. In the end, there is no sleepover, and Doug and Heather go home with every intention of going to work tomorrow.

I’ve had a great time and think the night is over as we close the RiverWinds bar, but some people want to keep the party going. I think Michele suggests we go to Schileens. If Michele wants to go out I definitely can’t say no. Besides, I want to spend as much time with everyone as I can, so sure, why not. Kelly, Lauren, and Jordan are the only others to go with us. Lauren and I immediately hit up the jukebox and pick old tunes that only we and our parents would pick. Michele brought a guy she is somewhat dating. She smartly warns him about me, because as soon as we sit down I start grilling him about his life and what kind of person he is. I’m pretty sure I ask if he has kids. I definitely ask if he still lives with his parents and if he has a good job (No and yes, respectively.) So now we close Schileens, and it’s really time to go home. It’s been a long, busy, happy, exciting day.


11 thoughts on “First Time

  1. heather just told me “I HAVE TO READ LINDSEYS BLOG!”…So after I read it I was wondering why heather had such urgency for me to read…then I scrolled down saw her comment about the photo, scrolled back up (this time not admiring my good looks) looked at heather in the photo, and well now Im wondering why Im marrying a woman whos drunk picture face is a gorilla face….

    1. Doug you are so pale in that picture I had to turn down the brightness on my comp just to look at it…if you ever come out here bring SPF 100 for your albino ass haha.

  2. Just for the record, I am freakishly good at remembering people’s birthdays and didn’t need Facebook to tell me it was rob’s birthday lol

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