California Waiting

John, Mandy and Jack

So much to do and so little time. After a YAS class of 30 minutes spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga I get to work on the apartment. I’m glad we have visitors coming – gives me a reason to do a serious cleaning. I spend the afternoon cleaning the bathroom, washing the floors, dusting the entire room, vaccuming, and lysol-ing the place. The good thing about living in tight quarters is that even with all that it only takes a few hours.

An actor sits alone at the bar later for work. I don’t recognize him at first – he’s just good looking and reminds me of Emile Hirsch. Hey, how are you? He’s too cute for his own good. He wants a glass of wine. “What’s good in the $8 wines?” (We separate our wine list by price.) Well do you want red or white? “Red.” OK….the last four are good. The cabernet is tannic with a lot of bite, the Bordeaux is a lot smoother and mellow, the syrah is….not tannic….spicy, a little spicy, and the malbec is pretty middle of the road. I have no idea what I just said; really need to work on my wine descriptions. “I’ll take the cabernet.” OK. I pour him a glass and he settles up right away, handing me his card and giving that great smile again. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading the names on people’s credit cards when they pay – you never know. I read his name – Luke Grimes. That sounds famous. I google his name, and the first two things I see are Luke Grimes shirtless and Luke Grimes fansite. OK, guess I was right. Give him his bill. How’s the wine? “Great.” Flashes me that smile and sits at the bar on his phone for the rest of the time before he walks out. Seriously, dude, you’re an actor on TV (Brothers and Sisters I find out) and you ask me what’s good in the $8 wines? And then leave a $2 tip? I don’t get it. He doesn’t get to be a celebrity sighting.

Tuesday I have off. I have the whole day to do my last minute preparations for the Manfre visit tomorrow. Start the day with coffee and blogging, then head to 10:15 spin. Back at the apartment I finish and post my blog before stripping down to shower when there’s a knock on the door. Dammit. I’m jamming out – it’s pretty loud. I’ve never had complaints before but maybe my neighbors aren’t as cool as I thought. Throw on a T-shirt and shorts and open the door. “Hiiiiiiiii.” John and Mandy are here. Oh my God. At my door. Oh my God. What are you doing here? “Surprise!” Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re here! Come in! I am not ready for this. I am so surprised John and Mandy are here. Of course we were hoping they’d come but Mandy is pregnant and they have a lot going on so it was really just bad timing. I really can’t believe they’re here. They walk in the door and a million thoughts are going through my mind. How is this happening, how are you here? The couch bed is out and I’m embarrassed the place isn’t ready for them. I’m dirty and sweaty and need to shower. I had today to get ready for tomorrow and now all I want to do is take John and Mandy out right now and show them around – it’s supposed to be the only nice day for the rest of the week, so we need to get outside stat. They talk and I try to listen but I just can’t believe they’re here. This is awesome. John and Mandy are actually in California. I think this is probably the most surprised I’ve ever been in my life.

Finally I shower, then Mandy showers. We’re all starving and head toward the beach. Mike is working at Auction Hunters. He has the car, so if we go anywhere we have to walk. Also, Mike doesn’t know they’re coming, so it will be another surprise tonight when he gets home. Also, Mrs. Manfre and Maria don’t know they’re here (only Mr. does), so we have another surprise tomorrow. This is almost exhausting. The three of us walk on the boardwalk and go to Larry’s for lunch. It’s the closest bar and we need food. John and I have a couple beers with our meal, and we just catch up with each other. I wish Mandy could drink with us!

Dinner at A-Frame with Mandy, John and Mike

After a quick stop at the apartment we head back out to the liquor store and walk on Abbot Kinney for a bit. We walk back to the apartment to hang out and wait until Mike gets home. I text him and ask him when he’s going to be home. He’s not sure. John and I drink, obviously. Mandy and I play silly rummy. She swears I’m making up rules as I go. I text Mike again, trying not to be obvious. Getting done anytime soon? “I don’t know.” OK, well I’m making us dinner so let me know (false). He texts me later. “I won’t be home until 8.” Ugh, that sucks. Well still don’t eat, I’ll wait for you. At 7:50 he texts me. “Be home in 20.” Then later… “I’ll be home by 8:30 hopefully. Sorry. Waiting on this guy to get back. Just eat without me and save me some.” Man, he’s killing me. No. I’ve been waiting this long. At 8:36 he texts that he’s leaving. John, Mandy and I are exhausted by now and just anxious for him to be home, because now we’re starving again. Let’s get this surprise over with.

Around 9pm we hear the keys in the door. John and Mandy sit on the couch, Mandy with the video camera in hand. Mike walks in and just stares, stunned. We don’t give him the time he needs to take it all in. We’re hungry, we’re tired, and we need to get everything out of our trunk to make room for John and Mandy’s luggage (we have no storage, so all my Christmas stuff is in there, among other things). We quickly stop at the hotel so they can finally check in, then head to A-Frame for dinner.

Mike and I have never been here, but Tara recommended it and it’s super close to the hotel. It’s a cool spot and we have good service. The idea here is to share, so we finally agree on some plates. Mandy isn’t very adventurous when it comes to food, probably even more so being pregnant. She thinks the lamb meatballs are gross. They’re my favorite of everything we eat.

It’s been a very long day for all of us, and we’re definitely ready for bed. We drop off John and Mandy at their hotel, then make the short drive back to our place. The rest of the Manfre’s arrive tomorrow, so we have another long day ahead of us. I’m a zombie as I pull the bed out and get changed. For once, I fall asleep immediately.

*Kings of Leon

4 thoughts on “California Waiting

  1. aw that video is cute, i didnt realize it was a video until now!
    i love that he told mandee she cant fly lol

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