I’m a Believer

Mike wins! 7 dollars!

Evan is one of my regulars at the bar. Sometimes he just has a few drinks; sometimes he has some dinner. He usually comes alone and we have good conversation. He’s a cool guy. He’s also one of the writers for The Walking Dead. As a writer, and someone interested in writing something good and real, I’m fascinated to hear about his work. It wasn’t until the second or third time he came in that I found out he was a writer. Me too, what do you write? “I work for the show Walking Dead.” Oh, that’s cool, I write a blog and I work in a bar.

Evan gives me the scoop. Apparently, all the writers from Season 1 were fired, and he is part of the new group hired for Season 2. That’s crazy! Wait, or is that normal for them to get completely new writers for a show after its had a successful first season? Surprisingly, it’s not that out of the ordinary. This weekend when he comes in, I’m excited to see him. Mike and I have finally started watching the second season. We’re up to the fifth episode, so I love talking to Evan about it. I tell him how much I hate some characters (specifically the lead chick, Lori). Not her character; I just don’t think she’s that great of an actor and she pisses me off. He shakes his head approvingly. “Yea, I know. And she’s a bitch.” Seriously? “Yea. The guy who plays Shane is, too.” Dammit I liked him! What about the lead guy, I really like him. “He’s the man.” Yes. Awesome. “So where are you in the season?” Well, I just watched the episode where (I won’t say in case people are watching and aren’t caught up, even though it’s lame what I told him). Evan rolls his eyes. “Yea, I know, who cares, right? But that’s the one with the zombie in the well, right?” Yes. “I wrote that part.” That is so cool.

Everyone is talking about the lottery this week because the mega millions are up so high. Might as well play, right? I never gamble and I rarely buy lottery tickets, but sometimes I get this feeling like I have to and it’s meant to be. It never is, but what if I didn’t buy that ticket, and that ticket wins? Stupid, stupid. Then the daydreaming starts. Heather once got mad because she asked the question, what is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery – like, big time. Her sister said, pay off her student loans or her debts or something, and Heather thought that was completely lame. She would apparently do something extravagant. But I agree with her sister. That’s what I think about all the time: my loans, my bills, what I owe to the world. I want that gone. A shopping spree sounds like so much fun, but paying off my student loans…wow, I feel lighter already. After that, it’s Mom and Dad and their mortgage and whatever else they need. Retire, please! Then it’s the siblings’ debts. Gone. Done. Then back to me and Mike. A nice place to live, in California, of course. I’d quit my job as a bartender (maybe I wouldn’t – just a couple nights to be around people. What am I saying? I would never ever work in a bar again). Take many, many acting classes. Get a job coaching field hockey for free – I could care less. Or maybe start up field hockey in Venice – buy turf space, sticks, balls, goals, cones. That would be so much fun! Fly my friends out for the weekend or whenever they wanted to come. Have the most amazing girls’ weekends ever (the possibilities are endless). Yes, go on a shopping spree. Clothes, clothes, clothes. Get a sick bike. Buy my friends presents for absolutely no reason at all – just because I know they’ll love it. Definitely get a dog. I could actually care about my hair. Personal trainer. Get the family a house in California and Ocean City, NJ. Ugh. It’s so much fun to think about and so depressing at the same time. People say money can’t buy happiness. That is such crap.

*The Monkees

2 thoughts on “I’m a Believer

  1. Do not say that you agree with my sister. believe me, i would want to pay off my student loans and other debts too, but that would be the 25th thing i did….im going right to the mall!!!! live a little stets!

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